Christmas Sounds Game

Students need continual practice and reinforcement of their beginning sounds to develop and maintain a solid foundation for reading and writing.   In order to keep them engaged and practicing we need to find EASY to prep activities and games.  So why not channel their Christmas excitement into a Christmas sounds game?

You’ll need: 

clear plastic ornaments

fake snow

Christmas tree letters

Recording sheet

Here’s how to make your Christmas Sounds Game:

Print and cut apart the Christmas tree letters!  (TIP:  print the letters on PAPER and do not laminate if you want to put them inside the ornaments)

christmas sounds game

Open the top of the clear ornament and put in some fake snow.  We used these little styrofoam balls we found at Michaels!  Roll up the letters carefully.  You want them to unroll inside the ornament so don’t fold them or squish them.  Slide the letters into the ornaments and replace the top.

Students choose an ornament, shake and say the letter and sound.  Next, they color the picture that begins with that sound!

To get you free Christmas sounds letters and recording sheet click the image!

christmas sounds


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