Groundhog Day

It’s GROUNDHOG DAY! And we’re celebrating our beloved little whistle pig with research, writing, art projects, snacks, and more!  We use our  READ IT UP creation for Groundhog Gets A Say!

Groundhog Activities

We read the book Groundhog Gets A Say because it’s a fun story packed full of information and facts.

groundhog day lesson plans groundhog day activities for kids

We also do a labeling activity to build explicit vocabulary instruction as well as discuss how groundhogs are adapted to their habits.
groundhog day vocabulary
groundhog day vocabulary
Shadow or no shadow?  We made our shadow coins and predicted who would win.  We flipped the coin, graphed our results, and analyzed our data to see who the winner was!  The coins are included in our Read It Up resource.
kindergarten groundhog day lessons groundhog day groundhog day groundhog day
Will he or won’t we?   We made this prediction the day before Groundhog Day!  Then, we watched a clip of Phil to see if our prediction was correct!  (On February 2,  you can just Google Punxsutawney Phil and find a link to a news video to watch!)
groundhog day
groundhog day


Of course, we had our snack!  We used a large brownie for the burrow, green icing for the grass, and a Teddy Graham for the groundhog!
groundhog day snack
 /> groundhog day snack

Art Project

The students also made these adorable little groundhogs.
groundhog day groundhog day art groundhog day

All of these activities and more are in our comprehensive READ IT UP creation!groundhog day lesson plans


Suggested Read Alouds

groundhog day



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