Teaching Sounds And Letters: ABC Bootcamp Fashion Show

How are we effectively teaching sounds and letters? We’re using our science of reading-aligned ABC BOOTCAMP! And after 26 days of ABC BOOTCAMP, it’s time to celebrate our learning and growth! What better way to celebrate learning our sounds and letters than with a fashion show? The ABC BOOTCAMP resource includes a fashion show as one of its tools, aligning with the science of reading.


Teaching Sounds And Letters: ABC BOOTCAMP FASHION SHOW


We send home a vest made from paper grocery bags.We print the letters included in ABC BOOTCAMP and assign them randomly. However, if I have families that I know might do better with more challenging letters, we send those with that child. If we have less than 26 kids, we just leave out letters. If we have more than 26 letters, we just repeat the letters.

This video shows how we make the vests!

Families take the vests home and complete them as a family project. We encourage families to decorate the vests using magazines, pictures, drawings, words, printed pictures, or objects.We encourage them to have fun and be creative! There is a note explaining this included in ABC BOOTCAMP!

The vests will return to school 2-3 days before the fashion show. This gives us time to help anyone who didn’t have a vest made. We usually have a couple that need to be made at school. This gives us time to ensure we’re all ready for the show!

This video shows how to make the vests:

You can ask grocery stores to donate bags but you can also find them on Amazon!

Teaching Letters And Sounds: The Fashion Show

We do the fashion show in our classroom and invite families. We have seen schools go out and make this a huge event. Either way works. We love both ideas. Prior to our fashion show, we watch videos of actual fashion shows to see how to walk the runway. Then we practice.

For the fashion show, we used our LED lights and played Vogue by Madonna!


Another thing we do to celebrate and involve the entire school is an ABC BOOTCAMP parade. The entire school lines the hallways, and the kindergarteners parade through the halls. It’s such a positive experience and can boost the school’s morale. Plus, the kids LOVE it and are so excited to be in a parade!

teaching sounds and letters
teaching sounds and letters ABC BOOTCAMP

So, what are we celebrating? We’re celebrating the growth and progress we made in 26 days using ABC BOOTCAMP! We’re celebrating that ABC BOOTCAMP WORKS AND WORKS INCREDIBLY WELL!

We commissioned a blind study, and here are the study results which included 200 classrooms!

Our ABC Bootcamp download contains everything you need for complete science of reading-aligned phonics instruction with your class.  It is 100% flexible and adapts to any scope, sequence, and/or curriculum!  (Available in 5 themes! The content is the same; the themes are different!) Click the image to get ABC BOOTCAMP for your class!

ABC Bootcamp is only one component of our year-long math and literacy curriculum called TKS BOOTCAMP!

The TKS Bootcamp Curriculum can be purchased as a Bundle that contains all 9 math & literacy components at a 25% discount, or you can purchase only the components you wish to use. Each component and/or bundle is available in 5 different themes: Army, Monsters, Safari,  Superhero, or No Theme!

Available in 5 themes:

For more details on the entire TKS Bootcamp Curriculum, check out the TKS BOOTCAMP website:

For more ABC BOOTCAMP information and research, check out these blog posts:

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