Here are some great lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten. Because the first week of school is fun, overwhelming, and exhausting. Hopefully, this post will provide some ideas and resources to help make the first week of school a little easier.

Lesson Plans For The First Week Of Kindergarten

You can download our first-week lesson plans below!

lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:

Lesson Plans For The Beginning Of The Kindergarten: The First Day

Our first day (actually, our first two days) is half a day! We’re mostly focused on not losing anyone, getting everyone home at dismissal, and ensuring we get fed! We’re also focused on establishing procedures and routines and building relationships! Oh, and we make sure everyone knows my name is MR. GREG and not “teacher.” This is important so when someone asks who their teacher is, they can say your name! Trust me. On day 1, no one leaves until they know my name!

We start with arrival. The kids will have our morning bins/morning tubs/STEM bins to explore and play with. Then we have our very first-morning meeting! Everyone says their name, and Mr. Greg shares about kindergarten and our classroom! Then we sing!

lesson plans for the first week of school morning arrival
lesson plans for the first day of kindergarten morning meeting

Our first read-alouds are The King of Kindergarten and The Queen of Kindergarten. These are perfect first-day-of-school read-alouds because my students can connect with the stories and the characters. After reading, we made a chart to show what King did to prepare for the first day and what we did to prepare for day 1!

lesson plans for the first day of school read alouds

We also do name-writing on day 1! We all write our names on our charts, and then we do independent name-writing. These are saved, and we bring them back on the last day of school to show our growth!

Then we go to brunch and work on walking in the hallway! After brunch, we use our School Supply Research Project to learn how to use crayons!

lesson plans for the first day of kindergarten how to use school supplies

To practice with our crayons, we colored a soccer ball. I chose a soccer ball because it has many different sections, so we can practice using various colors!

lesson plans for the first day of kindergarten how to use crayons

Click the image below to get your freebie!

First Day Hats

Finally, we make our first-day hats! Actually, they’re pre-made! I have to staple them and put them on the kids!

lesson plans for back to school

Lesson Plans For The First Week Of Kindergarten: The First Week

Our first week continues with procedures, procedures, procedures! And more procedures!

We will read The Queen of Kindergarten and discuss all the things we did on the first day of school. Then, the kids will draw a picture of themselves as kings or queens!

first week of kindergarten lesson plans

We will read the book, Wild About Books and discuss how books help us learn. We will do a notice and wonder chart and work on comprehension!

lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten

School Supply Research Project

During our first week and beyond, we use our School Supply Research Project to learn how to use our school supplies. The students generate the rules for the supplies, and I record their answers!

To practice with our supplies, we do our supply puzzles. We get plenty of practice with numbers, coloring, cutting, and gluing! These puzzles are great for cutting practice, coloring, following directions, and learning how to use our glue sponges!

lesson plans for the first week of school cutting and pasting
school supplies

Another way we practice with glue sponges is by using squares of paper! I cut the squares, and the kids glue them on paper.


We also, traditionally, start ABC BOOTCAMP the first week. Our district typically starts on a Monday, so Monday and Tuesday are half days. Wednesday (day 3) is a full day, so we would start ABC BOOTCAMP then. However, some years, we don’t start on Monday, so we hold off on starting ABC BOOTCAMP until the 2nd week of school. It all depends on the timing of the first day. We do a circle chart where students generate words for the sound, explicit handwriting instruction, and silly hats for each letter!

Directed Drawing

We also do our very first directed drawing to work on listening, spatial awareness, and following directions.

The directed drawing is from Graphics From The Pond! CLICK HERE!

Lesson Plans For The First Week Of Kindergarten: Math

We start math on our first full day (which is technically day 3 of school)! We start learning our number and counting songs, and we kick off NUMBER BOOTCAMP!

lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten math and counting

As part of our Number Bootcamp, we learn to explicitly write the numbers!

Our first math game or activity is a simple number recognition game. The idea is to see if students know numbers. I give each student a number mat and say a number. They either point to the number or put a manipulative on the number.

lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten numbers and counting

The next day, we explored our manipulatives more. Then, we did a counting game. I gave the kids paper plates. I said a number, and we put the correct number of manipulatives on the plate! This helps me see how well we follow directions if we have one-to-one correspondence and know numbers!

We begin each math lesson in the first week or two of school by giving the kids 10 minutes to play with the various manipulatives. Let them explore, talk, and have fun. This can help eliminate some distractions during your math lessons.


Lesson Plans For The First Week Of Kindergarten: Colors, Names Hopes And Dreams

We also spend the first week and beyond working on colors and names. For names, we use many books, but our favorite is Your Name Is A Song. I love how this book focuses on the importance of pronouncing names correctly.

lesson plans for the first week of kindergarten name recognition

We also do torn paper names. This project is not only great for names, but also for working on fine motor skills. And it takes a long time so you can do some of your baseline assessments! I write the names on black construction paper. The kids tear the paper and glue the pieces onto their names. I model how to tear small pieces and glue them on then they work on their own. If someone finishes, they go help their friends!

We also make name bracelets! This is great for fine motor skills, name recognition, and letter recognition!

To work on colors, we read Brown Bear Brown Bear! The kids love this book because they can join in the reading. After we read the book, I give them a coloring page to see if they can remember the color of the animals!

We also graph our favorite color!

Our hopes and dreams are just the things we hope to learn in kindergarten. We read the book Big Plans, and the kids share what they want to learn. I record all of their ideas. And we keep this up all year and I use it to try to plan lessons and activities. I strive to include as many of their ideas as possible throughout the year.

Foodie Fun Friday

Grab our Foodie Fun Friday creation for all the details and directions for these two recipes and 32 additional recipes!

Our first Foodie Fun Friday lesson has been a tradition in our class for years! We make school bus cookies! And it’s not even on Friday! We actually do this on our second half-day of school!

We also do Friendship Salad this week! This lesson is all about establishing the classroom we want. Kindness, hard work, sharing, happiness, and NO ROTTEN BANANAS! This is just fruit salad. After we add all the ingredients, I pull out a rotten banana and the kids scream that we don’t want that in the bowl and we talk about how we don’t want any rotten bananas!

For all your back-to-school/first-week needs, check out these resources:

For more information and specific details on many of our first-week ideas, check out these posts:

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