Learning Games For Kindergarten: Going On A Letter Hunt

Learning games for kindergarten is a great way for kids to practice and review skills. Who doesn’t love pirates?  And who doesn’t love letting kids go on scavenger hunts using magazines?  So why not combine those two things with a great read-aloud and send your kids on a letter scavenger hunt?
learning games for kindergarten
The result:  some serious fun and learning and fine motor practice!

Learning Games For Kindergarten:  Shiver Me Letters

Start off reading the book Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC!  The pirates go on a treasure hunt to find the letters of the alphabet.  And as we read, we read it like a pirate every time the pirate says “R”!  “ARRRRR!”  We learn letters and do an interactive read-aloud!  And it’s a fun pirate kindergarten activity!
learning games for kids shiver me letters book

Science Of Reading Learning Games For Kindergarten

After reading, give the students magazines. I ripped pages of magazines and gave them a page each. They had to find a letter, cut it out, and glue it on our letter chart! When they came to the chart, they had to tell me the sound and letter.  
To make the letter chart, I used chart paper and wrote the uppercase and lowercase letters!
learning games for kindergarten letters and sounds games
The students cut out one letter at a time, say the sound and letter to me, and glue the letter on the chart! To add a challenge to this lesson, students could have to come up with a word for that beginning sound!  See, phonics should be fun and engaging!

learning games for kindergarten

learning games for kids that are aligned to SOR learning games for kindergarten phonics skills

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