Pirates: Talk Like A Pirate Day!

You know there truly is a day to celebrate everything.  September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day!  This is a perfect day for kindergarten!  What kid and (teacher!) doesn’t like pirates?   So here’s how we celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in our classroom!

We start with some great read-alouds! (Click the image to see the items on Amazon)

We made a graphic organizer about pirates!  See, you can celebrate fun things and still learn!  So much learning and vocabulary happen on this fun pirate day!

We make handprint pirates!  This is a one-on-one project!  While the kids are working in centers, I pull them to paint their hands!  After the paint dries, I add the face and lines on the hat!  Note:  students choose the color of the skin. I offer 4 different skin tones and they chose the one they want!

And, of course, we speak pirate!

You can also read the book Shiver Me Letters and go on a letter hunt!     My little pirate wannabes love this activity!  They love cutting up magazine pages and hunting for letters!  I love the fine motor practice and letter recognition practice!

We also make pirate slime!  We make slime and add pirate confetti!

Pirate math and literacy centers!    If you’re going to celebrate pirates, you have to do pirate centers!

This pirate graphing is a freebie!  Snag it by clicking on the pictures!

And finally, no Talk Like A Pirate Day is complete without a pirate!

talk like a pirate day

Check out this pirate costume on Amazon!

The hats and eye patches are from Amazon!

Pirates HATS

Eye Patches

Pirates Freebies And Resources

This pirate freebie contains the pirate graphic organizer and pirate words!

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