Letter And Sound Recognition: Letter And Sound Stacking Cups

My class loves stacking anything!  So why not bring some learning into their love of stacking?  Check out our letter stacking cups and beginning sound stacking cups!

letter recognition

What I love about these cup stacking is that they are super easy and cheap to make.  The cups hold up well.  And this is an easy way to bring STEM activities into your classroom!

You’ll need:  cups and labels!

For labels, I used AVERY 8163 Shipping labels!

letter stacking cups

You’ll also need cups!  Solo cups or Hefty cups are great.  I got mine at Walmart and chose two different colors so the uppercase and lower case letters are on different colors.  Same with the sounds.  Letters on one color and pictures on the other color.

letter recognition

First, you need to print the letter labels!


Next, stick the labels on the cups!

letter recognition cups letter stacking cups alphabet activities

Students will match the uppercase and lowercase letters and stack the cups to work on letter recognition!

These stacking cups are stored in an extra large Zip-Loc bags!

To make beginning sound cups, we use beginning sounds pictures and letters!

Get the labels here!

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