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Classroom Management

Eating Lunch With Your Students

One of the things that I get asked about the most is classroom management.  And my first “secret” to successful classroom management is RELATIONSHIPS!   I

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What’s Happening Wednesday

Here’s what happening on this Wednesday. Working on my new classroom decorations!  Mustache banner…in a rainbow pattern?  Yes please! 500 ink pens for all of

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Mustache Behavior Chart

I actually had to wake up this morning, get showered, dress and leave the house.  Can you believe that non-sense???  I had to attend mandatory

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Friendship Salad

TGIF!  Let me say that again, TGIF!  I am exahusted.  This has been a long week.  My kiddos are doing better but we just keep

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Terrific Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been sharing my challenges of my large class this year (honestly, it’s only been 4 days!) I got to thinking

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