Shock and Awe! And my FIRST Download!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday with friends, family and lots of good food and beverages! I know we sure did!

I am quite shocked and humbled that I already have 25 followers!  I get excited about little things as you’ll learn from my blogs so every time I receive an email about a new comment or follower, I get pretty excited.  I might even be checking my email a little more often!    I really didn’t expect people to be interested in what I had to say and share.  But a HUGE thank you for following me and for all of the wonderful comments!  I truly appreciate it!  To celebrate 25  followers I am sharing my first download!

During our literacy block, my students LOVE to write the room so much that I decided to extend it into math and learning our addition and subtraction facts.  We started off with facts from 0-5 and everyone was using the same facts.  This helped with management and helped my friends learn the procedures for writing the room during math.  Once we had the hang of this new and amazing center (no, really, they were AMAZED and begged to write the room!  I know, kinders begging to do math facts?!  It’s true.  I promise!) I decided to differentiate the center.

I created 3 sets of write the room cards. One set was for my struggling students and covered the facts from 0-5, the second set was for my middle group and covered facts from 0-10 and the third set was for my high group and covered facts from 0-20.   I color coded them to match my math groups and added color coded recording sheets.  This made it easier for the students to find their cards that were hung up all over the room (even on the ceiling)!  Once they filled up their recording sheet and there answers had been checked by me, they turned the paper over and kept working on the back.  This was such a great success and really helped us strengthen our math skills.  And it was simple to differentiate and manage.

This is one of my first creations so any feedback/criticisms/snide remarks is welcome and helpful!  I hope you can use this in your classrooms next year!

Write The Room Math Facts

Write The Room Math 1
Write The Room Math 2
Write The Room Math 3
Write The Room Math 4
Write The Room Math 5
Write The Room Math 6
Write The Room Math 7
Write The Room Math 8
Write The Room Math 9

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