A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: March 2nd, 2014

Happy Sunday!  We’re under a winter storm warning here in the Music City.  I will probably have another snow day tomorrow….BUT… I am not getting excited.  Here’s how snow/ice forecasting goes here in Nashville:  
A few days before the “storm”…IT”S GOING TO SNOW! SNOW!  ACCUMULATING SNOW!
This continues for a few days.
Day of the storm:  It might snow.  We might get accumulating snow.
When the snow is supposed to start:  No snow.  
Seriously.  Every. Time.  They get all worked up and we never get anything.  So, I’m not so worried about this forecast.  That means I have planned for a full week! 
You will notice that I have not included The Dr. Who Must Not Be Named (legal reasons…the corporation named for said Dr.  will come after you for using anything Dr. related that you didn’t buy from their company….Sorry, I’m not a fan.  Don’t hate me!  You can email me if you want to hear my rant!) because we will not be celebrating said Dr.   We will eat green eggs and ham and we will have guest readers to read his books, but that’s it.  And of course, we are having super fun dress up days!  
This week is all about pigs for us!  We will be reading and comparing versions of The Three Little Pigs!
As always, snag my plans by clicking on the picture!
We will read and compare different versions of the Three Little Pigs as well as read informational texts on pigs to learn all we can about piggies!
Each day we will read a story and complete our story comparison chart!  We will compare characters, setting, and plot!  
As we learn about our piggies, we will be working through our pig research journal!!  I am super excited about this!!!
We will review the sound of W by making our letter/sound circle map.  
We will work on our blends and vowels.  We will continue unit 2 of Writing Through  The Year.  We are currently working on writing our first books so we will finish those up this week.
And we will make a hat!  Always a hat!  W means weather!
Click on the picture to get your free weather hat pieces!
This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction.  Each day we will complete a practice page for addition and subtraction.  I will use the pages from Monday to pull small groups the rest of the week.  Those who need extra help with addition and subtraction will work with me using manipulatives and extra hands on practice.  Those who have mastered the skills will work in math centers.
We will also being my Mustache Mania Addition and Subtraction creation to practice! 
This week our science will be focusing on weather!!  It’s appropriate for the three pigs, right?!
Monday we will be the wind!  We will measure how far we can blow a feather and record our answers on our class recording chart!
Tuesday we will learn about 4 basic cloud types and make cloud people.  I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY! I am always so proud of my ‘staches for learning the 4 types of clouds and being able to describe each one!!!  
We then make cloud people to help us remember the cloud types.
You need cotton balls, strips of paper for legs, cloud labels and cloud templates.  Students cut out the templates and legs and glue them on their paper.  Then they pull apart cotton balls to make the clouds and glue them on.  Finally, they label!  SUPER CUTE!
Wednesday we get to celebrate my FAVORITE book ever.  
We will draw a picture of a town and add some clouds.  Then we glue on food to make Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!
Friday we will make our our rainstorm!
This is such a powerful visual to help the ‘staches understand how clouds make rain.  After we discuss how clouds get full of water and then it rains, we make our cloud out of shaving cream. Mr. Greg adds “water” in the form of blue food coloring.  Then we watch and wait for the rain to start.  When it starts, the amazement is pure joy for a teacher!!!!!  Seriously, give this a try!
We will be eating green eggs and ham and pigs in a blanket for Foodie Fun Friday!  
Our silly dress up days this week will be:
Monday-silly socks
Tuesday-Inside Out Day
Wednesday-Crazy Hair
Thursday-Hat Day
Friday-Dress like your favorite book character
If you would like some Three Pigs Freebies, here is a poem and emergent reader for ya!
Click on the picture to get yours!
How about a Sunday Funday give away?!
This is my newest Common Core creation!  This is our Pig Research Journal and math and literacy centers!  I love using these research journals.  They are great for helping students master informational text.  And the centers just bring the piggies into all areas of learning.  People, per request, there is even a phoneme segmentation center included!  And addition, subtraction, cvc words and vowels!
Just leave a comment (WITH YOUR EMAIL!) telling me your favorite weather activity or three pigs activity and I’ll choose a winner tomorrow!!
AND P.S.  My creations are all 20% off through midnight!  
And folks, that’s our week!!!

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