The Adventures of Pinky and Curly

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I have always wanted to write a children’s book.  I think I am creative enough and talented enough to do this.  Right?  Maybe?  EHHH I dunno… I just never had an idea. And then it hit me… BAM!  Like a kindergartener’s shoe that was thrown during a tantrum…

About two years ago, I had an inspiring incident in my classroom that I thought I cuold incorporate into a great book.  You can read about that story here!  So I have a plot, now characters.  And then  BAM!  It hit me..just like the second shoe thrown by a kindergartener during a tantrum… the characters in my story appeared when our class got two pet hamster last year.  One of our hamsters had three legs.  He was a great addition to our class and provided some great lessons about differences and overcoming obstacles.  With the encouragement of the fiancee’ I sat down and typed out my children’s book.  And after a few months of pondering, re-writing and editing, I submitted it to publishers.  Nothing.  But I expected this.  So, I have decided (with the help of a very successful author friend) to self publish.  Eventually.  I am still tweaking the manuscript and my very talented cousin is working on beautiful illustrations to accompany the very  beautiful story.

Tonight, I am publicly sharing a portion of the story for the first time.  With the exception of a very select few people, you all are the first to read any part of my children’s book to be.  Don’t you feel special?  And without further ado and before my nerves and fear of rejection tell me to delete this post, here it is!

Curly was playing on the playground when it started.  The other hamsters began making fun of Curly because he looked different than they did.  Pinky heard them and decided to help Curly.
“Curly, will you  run in the ball with me?  Pinky asked.
“Three legs can’t run in a wheel”  laughed Losha Hamster.
All the hamsters laughed at Curly and his three legs. 
Pinky and Curly ran off to run in the wheel.  And they ran and ran and ran.
“Just because I have three legs doesn’t mean I can’t do everything everyone else can do!”  Curly told Pinky as they lined up at the end of recess.
“Don’t worry about those bullies Curly.  I think you’re fantastic!”  said Pinky.  “And I think it’s pretty awesome that you have three legs!”
“Thanks Pinky.  You’re pretty fantastic yourself!”  Curly said with a big smile on his face.
Curly had never had a friend like Pinky before.  He decided at that point that he loved school and he loved his new friend.
“Mr. Smegly, is Pinky sick again?”  asked Curly.  Pinky had missed a lot of school and Curly was worrying about his friend.
“She doesn’t feel well,” Mr. S answered.  “She’ll be back soon!  You’re a great friend for checking on her.” 
The next day Curly was super excited to see his friend back at school.
“Where were you?” Curly wondered.
“Uh, um…I was sick.”  Pinky said quietly. 
She was embarrassed that she had to be sent home from school again. 
Pinky was tired of missing school because of lice. 
Later that day, Mr. S noticed Pinky was itching a lot.  Mr. S asked Pinky to come to his table.
“Are you OK, Pinky?  He checked.
“I don’t want to go home again Mr. S”  Pinky cried and big hamster tears began to drip off of her shiny white fur.
“I know you don’t, Pinky, and we don’t want you to leave.  We miss you when you’re not here.”
The next day Pinky was back.  But  something was different about Pinky.  Something very different.
The phone rang in Room 114 and all the hamsters sat on the circle carpet waiting for Mr. S.  When he returned Mr. Smegley looked worried.  His whiskers were drooping and all the hamsters knew when Mr. S’s whiskers drooped, it meant he was very upset about something.
A few minutes later Pinky came into the classroom.
Everyone looked up.
There stood Pinky.
Her spectacular white fur was gone.  She was wearing a pink sparkly hat.
Pinky curled up in Mr. S’s lap and cried.  She cried a lot. 
Mr. S asked Pinky to deliver a note to the office so he could talk to his students.
Mr. Smegley called all of the hamsters together on the carpet.
“Sometimes,” he said, “mommy and daddy hamsters do things that we don’t want them to do.  And sometimes they do things that we don’t like.”  All of the hamsters shook their heads.
“But they are our mommy and daddy so we have to listen to them.” 
“That’s what happened to our friend Pinky.  Her mommy shaved off her pretty fur to try to fix a problem.” 
“Mr. S, why is Pinky sad?  Asked MoMo hamster?
“She’s sad because her pretty hair is gone.” Answered Ronald and Robert, the twin hamsters.
Just then, Curly stood up and cleared his throat.
“She’s crying because she’s afraid we’re going to make fun of her because she’s different from us.  Just like you made fun of me for having three legs.” 
The hamsters of Room 114 sat quietly staromg at their friend Curly.
Thoughts?  Hopefully within the next few months I will be able to share a beautiful children’s book with you all.  And if my plan goes accordingly, there will be many more stories featuring Pinky and Curly!
Ok…now I really have to go to the gym.  My muffin top is growing and my goal was to have a six pack for the wedding.  GRRR.  

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