Moosletoe! Freebie!

Happy Hump Day!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying their week!!

So far this week I have been peed on (a first for me!) and today one of my monsters lost her tooth.  And by lost her tooth, I mean she pulled it out right in front of me.  Here’s the weird thing:  the tooth bothered me more!  Seriously, I have this horrible loose, wiggly tooth phobia.  It started during my student teaching.  A student had braces (5th grader) and a tooth came out and was dangling on the bracket.  For 3 days.  3 days that tooth dangled in my face.  So yeah, me and teeth are not friends.  Seriously, it makes me ill.   It’s a kindergarten smorgasboard of phobias for me!

This week we are in the  midst of our Christmas/holiday festivities!  We kicked off our festivus for the rest of us with one of my favorite books (oh, who am I kidding…they’re all my favorites!) Moosletoe!  If you don’t have it, GET IT!  It’s great.  Lots of great vocabulary and great for retelling (hello flow maps and sequencing!) and also for problem/solution.  We have had a lot of fun with our friend Moose.

To keep that fun going, we enabled Mr. Greg’s love of craftivities with this cute Moosletoe!

I posted this on my Facebook page (WHAT?!?!  You’re not a friend on Facebook?!  Well go fix that!) and got a lot (OK, like 2, but in my reality that is a lot!) comments asking about the pattern.  WELL, the pattern is a Greg Smedley-Warren original!  I drew the pieces for the pattern!  The stars are actually Hanukkah stickers that we had leftover from last year.  And of course, we added glitter to the moose-stache!  
Here is your freebie!  It’s the pattern I created for our Moose!
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Today’s topic of discussion:
What is your school/district policy regarding Kindergarten students (or any grade really) wearing diapers/pull-ups?  This doesn’t apply to students with IEPs or medical issues.  We have 2 kindergartners wearing pull-ups just because…so I am curious about policies elsewhere.
This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve shown so far!!!  
Shirt:  H&M
Sweater:  Macy’s
Pants:  H&M

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