A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post!

Our short week is over.  And what a busy week it was!  Honestly, I would prefer a regular week over a four day week any time.  Four day weeks DRAG on forever and the monsters were wonky all week! And after being out all last week it was just a crazy week!  But as always, we had FUN!

So here is for your viewing pleasure is the highlight of your Saturday!!  The Saturday Kindergarten Post!

Our week kicked off with our 100th day of school!  This year we celebrated with FIESTA 100!  We turned our day into a fiesta of 100!  And we had a blast!!!!  
We wrote 100 words!!  The monsters love that feeling of accomplishment when they see that they wrote 100 words.  I also like how big the words look so the monsters have a great physical representation of how big 100 words might be!  We did 10 words in categories like books, food, people, sight words and more!  You can check out my 100 day post here!

Of course we made Fiesta 100 silly hats!  

We wrote about things we would 100 of!  I mean, who doesn’t want 100 iPads and 100 Hello Kitty Purses!  And 100 hot dogs? OK, ME!  I despise hot dogs.  100 hot dogs would a nightmare for me!

And we  wrote things we would not 100 of!  My favorite is 100 squirrels in my bed.  Um, if you know me, you know squirrels are my number one all time phobia. 100 squirrels would be the death of me.  But in my bed?!  I’m sweating just thinking of the terror.  

Mr. Greg hid 100 Hershey Kisses around the room.  The monsters hunted them down!  Mr. Greg hid them so well that we found 98 of the 100….
On Wednesday we found number 99.
On Friday we found number 100.
SUCCESS!  And yes, we ate all 100.  It’s perfect because our poem this week had a line about “100 kids with bellyaches” so we brought the poem to life!  JUST KIDDING!  I didn’t let them eat THAT MUCH candy!  

We also got our jumping jack on for FIESTA 100!!  The kids were so funny doing their version of jumping jacks.  If that’s what you can call what they were doing.  Of course they were all tired after the 100 jumping jacks.  But I won’t lie, my thunder thighs (yes, they’re that big people…) were a little sore!
This week we also celebrated Martin Luther King!  We did a cute art project and wrote about our dreams to make the world better!  And Friday we did a great lesson about equality using brown and white eggs.  This is such a powerful visual lesson to help the monsters understand that just because we look different that we all have the same feelings inside.  They loved this lesson and they had some great ideas for making the world better!
I have a dream to be nice to my friends!  

I have a dream to give people peace.  (Um, can we start with your teacher please?!)

I have a dream to be peaceful!

Yummy! Scrambled eggs!

This week we worked on our numbers from 1-20 and focused on making ten frames.  My monsters love ten frames!  I even let them use my Scentos markers.  Yes.  I am that great of a teacher.  The Scentos left their undisclosed, secure location so the monsters could learn.  I know, the sacrifices we make for our kids to learn.  The world should be grateful.

This was a super fun way to assess the monsters counting!  We used q-tips and paint to make ten frames!!!  The kids loved it so they were engaged.  I mean, who doesn’t love paint!!!  If you want the ten frame sheet, head over to the freebies page!

We also used these during center time and the kids LOVED THEM!  They are also available on the freebies page and they’re included in my February ten frames creation!
This week we also kicked off our word study!  It was a smooth roll out!  The monsters did a great job with their sorts.  For more on the word sorts, check out my post earlier this week!

This was one of the highlights of my week.  This is one of my lowest students.  Look at her writing those words.  This is the power of Word Study friends!!!  I was so proud of her!!!!

We also grew snowflakes from Borax this week!  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the entire process!  Here is step one!  The monsters used pipe cleaners to shape snowflakes.  The snowflakes are currently soaking in a Borax solution.  It’s been fun to see the crystals growing each day!  I will share more pictures next week!
And we made these super cute snowmen to hang from our ceiling after we read Snowmen At Night!  The monsters giggled and laughed throughout the entire book!!  If you haven’t read it, you should!  The templates for these are on the freebies page!
Thank you to my friend Jenifer at First Grade Blue Skies for the inspiration!

First Grade Blue Skies

And finally…no week is complete without Mr. Greg in a silly hat!  I know you want it.  I know you need it.  And I am a people pleaser.  So here ya go!
Look what my friend Nicole and Lanier’s Lions drew for me! (She’s a great clip art creator!!))  It’s a proud, glittery, glitzy and glam Greg peacock!  JUST LIKE ME!  Isn’t it perfect!
And our biggest news!?!?!  We are successfully using our glue sponges!!  That’s right people.  The Kindergarten Smorgasboard:  1   Glue:  0.  

And how was your week??
Here is my newest creation in progress!  I hope to have it finished by tomorrow!

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