I created this Smart Board center to practice medial sounds!  The monsters love it!  This is the first Smart Board center I have created!  I will be doing this a lot more!

Compound words!  Thanks to my friend Kim at Kindergarten365!  We had a blast with these today!

Write The Room!  We have added a new toy learning tool to our Write The Room fun!  It’s a write the room book!  The monsters must find words that start with the letter for that page!  Over the next two weeks we will slowly introduce the dictionary for this book!  Yep.  Kindergartners using the dictionary!  Hello Common Core!

Chillin with the sea otter in our library!!! 

Read to self with the whisper phones!  LOVE THESE!

Beginning sounds clip!  This monster came to me two weeks ago and was struggling with sounds!  He has been using this center a lot and has made huge progress!!  So proud!!

Reading to the zebra!!!  

Write the Room book! 
Valentine’s Day tally marks!  So much glitter!

We HEART ten frames!

This center is the most popular center EVER!  No kidding.  They love the puzzle!!!  Three copies printed.  Must.  Print.  More.  

Ten frame frenzy!

Super Bowl Ten Frames!

Gangnam Ten Frames!

  • Reply Katie Knight February 7, 2013 at 7:33 am

    You make me smile…. such a good teacher

  • Reply Ms.M February 7, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Sigh I always feel so shamed when I see your pics lv. LOL

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