A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post!

Happy Saturday!!  Raise your hand if you’re on Spring Break!  Raise your hand if you’re uber jealous of those people because you are not on spring break!  (PS  I just finished my workout at the gym and my arms are all shaky…blogger problems!)

Well, it’s time to wrap up another week of common core madness and fun in the kindergarten smorgasboard!  It was a loud week because, well, the monsters have decided to talk.  Non stop.  Every minute of every day.   And don’t forget the girls making ugly mugs at each other all day long.  YEP!  It was one of those weeks.

 This week was RAINBOW WEEK!  One of my favorites…um, DUH!  I like rainbows.  Rainbows are pretty.  And thanks to my Glitter Meets Glue glittery, rainbow clip art, the monsters were convinced that rainbows were glittery and sparkly!  (We finally realized…or were convinced…that only the picture of the rainbow was sparkly!)

Here is the proof that we learned about rainbows.  We learned the order of the colors, we learned that if you see blue, the blue light is bouncing into your eyes.  People, they even learned that light goes into a prism and it comes out a rainbow.  They were even able (with some guiding questions) to make that connection to the rain and why we see rainbows when it rains!  Oh, rainbow week, how I love thee!

Our giant torn paper rainbow is a work in progress.  We will be finishing it up on Monday!  Me thinks me made it too big!  hehe  But really, can art (and especially rainbow art?!) ever be TOO big?!  Um, no.

Rainbow week concluded with rainbow toast!  OMG we loved this snack.  The monsters thought that eating a rainbow was the best thing EVER!  I did what all good teachers do…I started worrying Thursday night (instead of sleeping…who needs that??)  that the milk would make the colors too pastel.  Well, I was wrong.  Milk, food coloring, paint brushes and BAM!  Rainbow toast!

How stinking cute is this?!
And based on the photographic evidence, it was DELICOUS!  Look at the face and the food falling ou of his mouth.  If that doesn’t mean good eats, nothing does.  However, I did have one monster who was totally freaked out by the rainbow on his toast.  People, he looked at it and looked at me and said, “I don’t like.”  And he wanted nothing more to do with that business.
And just to prove that we don’t eat and do art all day long, here are some of our academic accomplishments this week!

We read the story, Seven Blind Mice this week.  We did a sequencing activity but my absent minded self didn’t snap a picture.  Before reading this story, I showed the monsters one picture (it was a big brownish, gray lump) from the book and we predicted what the mice were climbing on!  Two monsters actually predicted correctly!  Come on, Mt. Rushmore!!!  She retained our learning about the presidents!!!  

We played SPLAT!  with this supper Buggy creation from my friend Kerri at Ms. Kerri and Her Krazy Kindergarten!  
Are you jealous of my Splat swatters!?  $1 on clearnance at Wal-Mart.  That’s what I find when I am speeding down the aisles at 5:30 a.m. gathering supplies for rainbow toast!  Seriously…best time to stop is on my way to school at 5 or 5:30!  

We also decomposed numbers.  We did very well with it using our Legos and working in small groups.  Individiually on paper, not so well.  We will definitely be doing this again.  And again.  And again!

Thanks to my friend Maria at KinderCraze for this AWESOME resource!

We also had a BLAST using our Doggone Decomposing Numbers creation!  Who doesn’t love a St. Bernard!?  (It makes me miss my Saint so bad!!!!)
And of course, we’re ready for March Madness!!

So, I am trying something new this week.  I’ve been reading about SlideShare so I attempted my first slide share!  Check it out and let me know what you think!
I make a cute Mr. Rogers!
And of course, we did not celebrate the letter J we made jelly fish hats!!
And that’s the week in the kindergarten smorgasboard!
Have you checked out my friends on the KinderLand Pinterest board?  You should.  We are a group of kindergarten teachers that started this board to share kinder specific ideas and resources!  It really is an amazing Pinterest board!  (Simply because this group of kinder teachers is the sweetest, most accepting, loving, supportive, and inspiring group of people.  They are the best of the best of the best.  And they let me tag along, can you believe that?!)  Check it out!
We also have a Google+ community where we share ideas and resources and have amazing discussions!  The community already have over 550 members!  It’s an amazing place for collaboration!  
The Kinderland group has teamed up and we’re hosting a March Madness Sale!  The sale is March 10-12!  My store will be 20% off everything.  But, my St. Patty’s Day creations will be…50% off!  WOOHOO!!!  Stock up now!


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