A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

People, there are only 3 more weeks in my school year!!!  How crazy is that?!!  I am excited for summer and excited for my new school but it’s also bittersweet leaving behind my two amazing teammates!  That also means only 2 more Schedulin Sunday posts!
Let me just say that I am actually looking forward to a “normal” (like there is ever a normal day in kindergarten!) routine and regular schedules this week.  After the chaos of testing last week it will feel good to be on our usual chaotic schedules.  And hopefully it will keep the monsters calm and controlled.  Hopefully…
So, here is what Mr. Greg has whipped up for this week!
Click to download my weekly plans! And remember, click on any book in my blog to visit Amazon.com to see more about the book!
This week we are going to work on persuasive writing.  Today we’re going to read the book Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers!
After reading the story we will create a bubble map of things that happened in the story.  This will be used again on Wednesday.
We will also use this book as our writing inspiration.  Today in writing we are going to brainstorm a list of animals and a list of clothes.  This will be used Tuesday!
This week we will be working on -ar words!  You know,  aaarrrrgh!  Like a pirate!  I am going to be using several activities from Babbling Abby’s Pirate Mark unit!  It’s a must have!
Today the monsters will be listening to words are deciding if they hear -ar (they will answer like a pirate!  AAARRRGGH!)
In math, we’re going to be hitting some skills I want the monsters to build on so it’s a hodge podge in the math department this week!
Today we’re going to work on counting by 5s.  After some group practice, the monsters will complete their starfish counting by 5 activity.  They will cut out the starfish and glue them in order while counting by 5s.
Click for your freebie!
Our end of the year alphabet countdown continues this week!  Today we celebrate the letter L with a lion puppet!
You can check out the lion puppet at DLTK-Kids!
Our persuasive writing focus continues.  Today we will read the book Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses and use a double bubble map to compare and contrast this story with Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers from Monday!
We continue our AR adventure with Pirate Mark!  Today the monsters will be reading -ar words and matching them to the picture!
Click for your freebie!
The monsters will use our list of animals and clothes to write about why animals should not wear clothes!  They will use the sentence frame A……should not wear…….because….
These will be edited and published tomorrow.
In math, we will be using my Dino Mite Addition pack to practice subtraction.  The monsters will have a set of circle maps and will have to solve the equations and glue the equations on the correct circle map.



The end of the year alphabet countdown continues with the letter K!  For K we will be Kings with Kites!  The monsters get to make a king crown to wear and they get to use all of our art supplies (yes people, I let them go after the art supplies…even the glitter!) to decorate their kites!
Today we read one of my most favorite books EVER!  I discovered this book randomly by accident one day and it instantly become a favorite!  After seeing the response of my students when I read the book the first time, I knew this book would be a mainstay in my classroom!
The Cow That Laid An Egg!!!!!  Must.  Read.  The story lends itself to great discussion and debate.  I was ASTOUNDED at the debate my monsters had after hearing the story.  This means it’s also great for writing!
After reading the story we will create an opinion chart (graph!) where the students vote for chicken or cow.
We will also continue our Pirate Mark adventure, AAARGH Mateys!  The monsters will do a picture and word sort where they read the words and match the pictures.
The monsters will publish and illustrate their persuasive animal clothing writing!   I am excited to see the final product for these writings!
In math, we will focus on subtraction.  Mr. Roboto subtraction that is!  The monsters will do a subtraction sort.  They will solve the equation and glue the equation under the correct robot!
Visit the freebies page for your free robot subtraction!
Today for our alphabet countdown, we celebrate all thins J!  That means it’s jump rope day.  At the end of the day (45 minutes prior to disimissal) we head to the auditorium and jump rope.  It always ASTOUNDS me at how many of my kids can’t jump rope.  We always have a blast though!  And Mr. Greg burns off the chocolate doughnut he always eats for breakfast!
And for some pirate fun, we’re going to paint handprint pirates!  AARRGH!
Today I will read The Cow That Laid An Egg again and the monsters will decide which parts of the story could be real and which parts could not be real.
For our -ar lesson today,we’re going on a treasure hunt!  The monsters will search around the room for -ar word cards.  When they find the card, they will stick it on our treasure map!  These words will then be used to complete our Pirate Mark craftivity!


We will wrap up our hodge podge math week with a pirate themed subtraction page that Mr. Greg will use as an assessment!  Ya know, gotta have that evidence!
click for your freebie!
Today’s letter is I.  That can only mean one thing.  ICE CREAM SUNDAES!!!!!!!!  That’s right.  I dish out the ice cream and the monsters are turned loose with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries and nuts to create their own ice cream sundaes!
And then it’s Friday!  And that means FIELD DAY!  and HAT DAY!  We’re celebrating H for hats and playing at field day!  I LOVE FIELD DAY!  I love that me and the monsters can play and laugh and just have fun!
I always read Miss Nelson Has A Field Day before we head out and we spend some time talking about sportsmanship and the rules.  I love to see everyone cheering for everyone!!!
And that is yet another week in the common core aligned kindergarten smorgasboard!!!  Plus centers, word study, DIBELS benchmarking, Running Record, sight word testing and all that fun stuff!!!
And finally, it’s TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  I think teachers ROCK and I adore each and everyone of you.  I might even have some freebies for ya this week just to show ya some Mr. Greg love!
And Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s is also having a huge sale to show their appreciation!  The sale is Tuesday and Wednesday!  All of my common core creations will be 20% off and TPT is throwing in an additional 10% off!  Fill up those carts…mine is already loaded with clip art to create new creations!
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A HUGE HUGE HUGE shout-out to my sweet and beautiful friend Beth for creating and sharing this lovely sale button!!!  Beth is the talented creator behind Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs!  She knows how to get me to open my wallet because she’s always creating great clip art and it’s always in a rainbow of colors!  And ya know I love me a rainbow!  In fact, she is the creator of the adorable robots I used for the robot subtraction freebie!  You need to check our her store and tell her Greg sent ya!
Here is my latest creation!  It’s a back to school item!  And it’s mustaches!!!  Who doesn’t love mustaches!?  (Can you guess what my classroom theme will be next year?!)


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