Pirate and Passion

AAAARGH You a pirate?!  Well, according to Dave Burgess’ book, we should all be pirates!  I am very excited about this summer book study!  If you don’t have this book yet, click on the picture to get it from Amazon.  I’ve read about a third of the book and I already feel like a better teacher.  Seriously, when I read at night I get so inspired/excited/motivated that I want to scream…but I don’t because I doubt the Mister would like that at midnight while he sleeps…

I am linking up with my Tennessee friend, Gina at Third Grade Tidbits for this book study!  Be sure to join up and follow all of the blogs for tons of great ideas, resources and fun!  Thanks Gina for the great study!
Chapter 1 is all about PASSION!  Dave Burgess talks about three types of passion:  content, personal, and professional!
Content Passion:  What is your favorite subject to teach?
I actually have two!  Reading and science.  I absolutely love to teach reading because I love books!  I love using books to inspire my lessons!  I once had a co-worker look at my lesson plans and she was so surprised that my whole week of literacy lessons were planned around 1 book.  Why?  Because I am passionate about books.  I am passionate about instilling a love of books and literacy and reading into my little monsters!    But the true indicator of this passion is just how engaged my monsters are during our reading block!  That engagement shows that my passion for reading is helping create powerful lessons for my reading monsters!
My other passion is science!  I love doing hands-on experiments with my monsters!  It’s so much fun watching their reactions and hearing their discussions when they make a bouncy ball or make a cloud rain!  And honestly, I just think those experiments are super cool!  I love the outcomes just as much as the 5 year olds (that means I have a 5 year old mentality and that’s totally OK!)!
Professional Passion:  What are you passionate about in your profession?
I think the answer to that is clear!  This is my professional passion!  This blog and my creations and YOU!  I love that this blog has created such an inspiring community of teachers and experts who all share a desire to be the best teachers we can be!  And I have a BLAST writing and sharing with you all!!  
Personal Passion:  What’s your passion outside the profession?

HMMMM  I guess the mister and the doodle are my passions outside of the profression.  I really don’t have a single thing I’m passionate about.  I do like running and working out a lot so I guess I am very passionate getting my six pack abs!
The most powerful thing that I read in this section of the book was this quote:
Do you feel that?  That’s a sense of relief…the sense of guilt washing away!  Honestly I am not passionate about teaching writing.  It’s probably because I’m not good at teaching writing.  But I trudge through it!  
So, pirates, those are my random thoughts on passion!  
What are your areas of passion?  Leave your thoughts in the comments and visit Gina at Third Grade Tidbits to see all of the great blog posts about passion!

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