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You know, nothing gets under my skin in my classroom than the never ending, un-winnable battle of the glue.  Glue sticks lose their tops, get smashed, dry up, and run out in 2.4 seconds.  And, let’s be honest, get eaten.  It happens.  It has to.  Where else does a brand new glue stick go in 2.4 seconds besides in the mouth of a hungry kindergartner.  It happens.  Don’t judge (I admit I ate paste as a kid.  That stuff smelled so good.  I am a paste eater…probably explains a whole lot, huh?!).  Glue bottles are messy and not matter how many times we practice BABY DOTS we use gigantor dots of glue.  The bottles clog.  Glue is just my nemesis.  I should own stock in Elmer’s Glue.  Or they should just send me free glue for all of the money I have poured into their company.  Ya know, I never thought I would defeat my nemesis.  But this glue sponge thing that I pinned had potential. People, if it had potential to defeat my sticky and tasty glue nemesis, then I would try it.  Come on, ya’ll know me, I’ll try anything twice…no really, anything.  Except food then I won’t try anything.  Except guinea pig.  I did eat guinea pig in Ecuador…but anyways….back to WORLD WAR GLUE!
So I bought some materials and played around and made some glue sponges.  Day one was a fail.  I sulked home and wallowed in the pity that there was no way to defeat the glue.  The glue had won and I would forever be at the mercy of the glue.
So there sat the glue sponges.  Unused.  And those glue sticks just sat there mocking me with their little glue stick faces.  GRRRR glue sticks.  After days of being taunted by the glue stick army, I decided to give it one more chance.
Glue sponges on the tables.  Instructions to the monsters.  Papers distributed.  Scissors cutting.  The moment of truth…
IT WORKED!  I have defeated the glue army.  No more little orange faces taunting me.
So, now that you’ve provided me free therapy for my glue issues (and paste eating issues…hey, they put the spice Thyme in that stuff…that’s why it smells so good!) I will show you how to make the glue sponges!  And by show you, I mean a Kindergarten Smorgasboard How To Video!


It really is simple and cheap!  My cost for four glue sponges was $6.  They last forever and they’re almost no mess!  You have to do it!  If you ignore all of my other crazy ideas and rants and rambling, this is the one thing you have to do!


Totally super simple! If you have questions after watching my video, just let me know!

A Glue Sponge In Use In My Classroom


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