Favorite Pins!

It’s Friday…for those of you working at least!  For me, it’s the day I finished getting my classroom set up and mustached!  That means the big reveal will be Monday!!!

But today is Friday so that means a few of my favorite pins for the week!  And a Friday Freebie!

As you know, I love clip art.  I might or might now have a slight addiction.  But it’s ok.  It’s for the children.  Right?  It’s totally OK if it’s for the children.  Well, I found this adorable clip art on Pinterest and just had to have it!  How cute are those little kids??!!  Click here to visit the TPT store to get your set!

I love technology.  Anything I can do to use technology and not paper is awesome.  That’s why I love this pin.  I so cannot wait to use my iPad to make checklists!!!!!!!!!!!  
This game looks like so much fun and reminds of the Bozo The Clown show!  Yes people I remember that show.  I am that old!  I already have a ton of ideas in my head for ways to adapt this for other common core skills!!!!!  I can’t wait to play this with my new  ‘staches!
I heart anchor charts.  I heart predictable charts.  I heard thinking maps.  I heart keeping all of the charts we make as a class.  But I DESPISE storing them.  There is not enough wall space (although, the bathroom in my classroom is so large it might be come anchor chart land!) to hang them all up…so they end up in the recycling box.  BOO.  This little idea will help a bit!  It’s magnetic so it can be moved around easily!  Charts can be stored out of the way until needed!  Wal-Mart run anyone!?
The next two pins are…well…a  little self serving…they’ve been very popular this week…so they’re kind of my favorite cuz …well, I like when people like my ideas…so I’m sharing them again!

Duck Tape=AWESOMENESS!  That old furniture (I’ve heard stories that these pieces of furniture are older than me…yeah…old!) looks so much better with a little duck tape and kindergarten smorgasboard TLC!  Who wouldn’t want a little TLC from the kindergarten smorgasboard?!
And this little idea went crazy again this week.  Seriously, I despise all things glue sticks and glue bottles.  But this little invention totally makes it all better.  Click here for my original post on the glut sponge craze!
What are some of your favorite pins this week?  Visit The First Grade Parade to see more favorite pins!
And now a Friday Freebie!
I made a letter identification activity a couple of weeks back and it was a huge hit!  Well, why not make everyone happy and do a letter identification pack to match the letter activity?!
Click the picture to head over to the freebie page for your download!    (And  you can totally Pin this and make it your favorite Pin!  WOOHOO!
Check out my letter activities.  Get a freebie.  And see the mister helping me out!  Isn’t he great?!  Does Kindergarten activities for me…let’s me work on the computer all the time…helps me with ideas…and he’s OK with my little clip art addiction!  hehe  

click the picture to see the mister in action!

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