Howdy ya’ll!  I have a cool new toy to show you tonight!  And that means it’s a new kindergarten smorgasboard how to video!

Ya know when I left my old classroom I had to leave my Smart Board behind.  SAD DAY!  My new classroom doesn’t have a Smart Board.  Well, that just didn’t work for me!  So I set out to figure out how to get myself a Smart Board.  Since I didn’t have $1,000 for a new board, I found a cheaper solution.  How about 99 cents?!  Yeah.  99 cents (if you have an iPad!)!

Here’s what you need to do.

Download the Splashtop app onto your iPad.  I purchased the app on sale recently for 99 cents. It is originally priced at $20 which is still a steal for a Smart Board!

You will also need to download the Splashtop streamer software onto your laptop or computer.  
Once you have installed the software make sure both your iPad and computer are connected to the same wireless network.  
Open the Splashtop app on your iPad.  It will walk you through the initial set up which is very easy!  Once the set up is complete and the two devices are connected, your iPad will show this screen:
You click on the computer and your iPad then takes control of your computer which basically turns your iPad into a computer mouse.  Your iPad will display the computers desktop and anything you do on your iPad will happen on the computer.  Your students can then use the iPad to interact with websites, flipcharts, PowerPoint and more just like on an interactive whiteboard.  In fact, there is even an add on for the app that has the features of an interactive whiteboard!
People, I am so thrilled by this little discovery.  It’s not perfect but it is definitely a workable solution until the day a smart board arrives!  Hopefully…maybe…someday…
If you want to see a video of how this all works, check out my YouTube video (filmed in my mustache classroom!)
(Big shout out to my co-worker Jenny From The Block for being my videographer….it was strange having someone actually film my little video!  But it was fun!)
And today’s outfit!
Shirt- H&M

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