It’s Schedulin Sunday time!!!  Here is our Common Core aligned muffin week!   Are ya ready?!
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This week our focus text is If You Give A Moose A Muffin!  This is perfect for our “emphasis” on the letter M!  We do every letter and every sound everyday but we also place emphasis one particular letter and sound each week.  This week that letter is M!  

We will read If You Give A Moose A Muffin and discuss the characters and setting of a story!  We will introduce the SOUND of M (not the letter!).  This is a different approach for me this year but I am going to try it.  The students will say the M sound and I will say words.  When they hear the M sound they will raise their hand.    Then we will create a circle map of M words.  When they say an M word I will draw the picture (YIKES!  I can’t draw so this will be good!)  We will also practice writing M on our iPad smart board and then the ‘staches will practice their handwriting independently.
Math will be numbers and ten frames.  Today we will make a set of flashcards for the ‘staches to take home!  Each child gets 10 index cards, a sheet of numbers and a sheet of ten frames.  I ask them to find a number.  Once they find the number they cut it out and glue it on an index card.  I ask them to find the ten frame for that number.  Once we find it, we cut it out and glue it on the opposite side of the  index card.  I make sure everyone has the right number and ten frame so they have correct flash cards to take home!  After we finish, these go home for the ‘staches to review numbers!
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Our math closure will be to make number posters!  I saw this on Pinterest and the link took me to a blog called The Way I See It which had some great ideas for math!  
I will give each stache a Post It Note and they will draw a picture of the number.  Each day will be a different number starting with 1!
click the picture to download your free numbers for number posters!
We will start our Marshmallow Toes unit today!  This is how we learn to keep our feet quiet in the stairs and the hallway!  We will read the story and do a sort of things that are loud and quiet!
And of course, no Monday is ever complete without a silly hat!  And since it’s M and we’re talking about the Moose….it’s a moose hat!

We will re-read If You Give A Moose A Muffin and work together to complete a flow map to sequence the story.  This will help us work on our re-telling skills!  
Today we will introduce the letter M.  I will say “I’m going to show you the letter that spells the sound /m/.  This is the letter m.”  “The letter for the sound /m/ is m.” (class repeats).  Then I will show picture cards and the students will say  /m/ monkey “m” (or whatever the picture is!)  Then we will revisit our picture word web and add the words!
We will also do a picture sort to help the students work on hearing the M sound.  This picture sort will be done together!
Writing will be all about our hands!  We will create a circle map of all of the things our hands can do!
In math, we will count muffins!  We will use paper plates and the students will listen to the number I say, they will find the number card and count the correct number of muffins!  After we finish, they will complete a muffin counting page!
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We will read out Marshmallow Toes book and do a little marshmallow exploration!  We will describe marshmallows using out 5 senses! 
We will make stamp prints of our hands for our hands can book that’s coming later in the week!
And we will make a moose!
We will read the big book Hands Can and discuss what hands can do!  We will do a picture sort of M words  using large picture cards and a pocket chart.  Each child will have a card and will decide if it’s M or not M!    We will complete a predictable chart using the sentence frame “Hands can…”
In math, we will play Muffin BUMP!  Each child receives a page with numbers and a page with pictures.  I copy the numbers onto colored paper to make it a little more organzied (and colors are fun and you know my motto:  fun=learning!)  The students cut the numbers apart.  Then they place the numbers on top of the correct picture.  Once they have them all placed correctly, they clue the numbers onto their paper!  No one glues until Mr. Greg has seen their page and the numbers match the quantity!
And we will end our day with our marshmallow toes craftivity!
Today we will echo read our big book Hands Can.  We will discuss the characters and setting of the story.  We will do a picture sort of /m/ and /s/.  This is a two fold activity.  Look, work smarter, not harder!!  Me so smart.  The sort is my assessment of who hears the /m/ sound and who needs some help.  The /s/ sound is the focus sound next week so this will give me some insight into who might need some extra help with /s/ and who gets it!  
For writing, the students will cut apart their sentence from our predictable chart and put it back in order.  They will glue their sentence to their paper.
In math, we will use our hands to do some grabbing and counting!  We will grab 1 handful of cubes and trace the number on our grab and count graph paper!  This is another activity with two objectives: counting and learning to write numbers!!!!
I am leaving some time Thursday to focus on our math centers so we can make sure those are going smoothly!  

It’s M for MOOSESTACHE!!!!!  We will read the book Moosestache and talk about the mustache!  
We will make the letter M out of marshmallows!  And probably eat some marshmallows!
We will illustrate our sentence about our hands and publish our first class book!
Math will be some fun Q-Tip counting!  Each ‘stache gets a paper with 10 boxes labeled 1-10.  They use their Q-Tips to paint the correct number of dots in each box!  This will be my counting assessment for the week!
And Friday means FOODIE FUN FRIDAY!  So we will be making muffins and eating marshmallows!  
Oh and the rumor is that there might be mustaches to wear…and a super awesome mustache shirt.  Stay tuned!
You might have noticed that our week starts off very busy and as the week progresses there seems to be less going on.  The reason is that as the week progresses I want more time to pull groups and individual students to work on skills they need extra help with!  
And that is our common core muffin week!
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I linked up my plans with my friend Mrs. Willis!  Be sure to check out all of the great lesson plans!

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