A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday!


Do your feet hurt like mine?!  Is your throat scratchy like mine?!  Is your voice cracking and hoarse like mine?!  Well…I take that as a sign of a great week in kindergarten land!!!

I am linking up with my friends at Doodlebugs for Five For Friday!  Five random shots from the week that was!!

I got an email from a sweet reader of this little blog and she asked if I were comfortable giving her my school address because she had a little happy for me.  Well, if you’re gonna send me a happy (I really like presents!  But who doesn’t?!) I’m all for it!  The box arrived this week and it was loaded with mustache goodness and a very sweet note!!!!!!  

This pink pizazz pencil sharpener also arrived this week.  Yes, people it is the world’s bestest pencil sharpener and yes, it’s bright pink.  Yes I love pink.  Seriously, I’ve had one of these sharpeners in my room for two years.  OMG people.  BEST.  SHARPENER.  EVER.  I didn’t think it could get better.   And then they came out with a pink one.  SOLD!    And guess what?!  They’re letting me give one away!  Stay tuned for the details next week!  Did I mention pink makes me happy?!

This is my data notebook with these super cool tabs from my pal, Mr. Magician.  How cute are these?!  And now I can easily find the student I am looking for!!!  I mean, really, how cute?!  You really should check out his awesome stuff!  
Today I did some informal assessments of my ‘staches letter sounds.  HOLY COW!!  This little guy is just typical of what all of my students did!!  The growth of kindergartners is astounding!!!  I am so proud of these kiddos!!!

If you’re my Facebook friend (and if not, why not?!?!?!?) you see my daily outfits!  Well, a request was made that I start to vogue in my photos!  So here’s my first vogue!  
HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you heard about this amazing bundle over at Educents?!  It’s over 1400 pages of print and go centers and activities for Kindergarten and 1st grade!  Seriously, I think you should check it out!!!!  
And check out my latest Common Core measuring pack!  I am working on a new fall unit that will be a great compliment to this measuring pack!!
Leave a comment and I’ll choose a winner to get this measurement unit for free!!
The winner of my apple unit is:  Wild About Kindergarten!  Check your email!
Have I told you how much I just love all ya’ll who read this little blog?!  Seriously…that is all!

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