A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post September 8th, 2013

Happy Weekend!  I hope you had a good week!  Here’s a peek into all the craziness and chaos of our common core classroom!  
This week we talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up!  We had some great dreams for a future career!  My personal favorite:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!  And yes, a debate followed about which ninja turtle you would be (red, blue, purple or yellow!)!  This is why I love kindergarten!  No dream is too big!
This week was all about letter S! 

We are fascinated by the iPad smartboard!  This is how we introduce how to write the letter!  Each student takes a turn on the iPad and they write the letter which is projected onto the screen.  Instantly memorizes the ‘staches.  The best part is that they cheer every time someone writes the letter!  
We read Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle and made these tissue paper mosaic seahorses!  
We thought of S words and Mr. Greg made a lame attempt to illustrate our S words!
And we made the letter S out of sequins.  Why not?!  Sequins are just giant glitter and we all know how much Mr. Greg loves glitter!

In Math, we answered the question:  How Many?
We read Ten Apples Up On Top and counted how many apples we had on top.  I love this activity because there are so many giggles during the lesson!  Something about putting apples on your head makes you giggle!

We worked on our See It, Count It, Graph It activities during small group!  We had a blast counting the sea creatures and graphing them!  This will be our small group lessons next week too!  
We built towers out of blocks to answer how many, we counted diamonds to answer how many!  We even counted skittle to answer how many!  And yes, we ate a ton of skittles!
And of course no week in The kindergarten smorgasboard is complete without a silly hat!  So STOP is an appropriate hat.  Now, how many of us wanna break out in song?!  Stop.  Collaborate and listen!

And of course, a little Foodie Friday Fun!  Since we read about and discussed community helpers, we made a snack that looks like a community helper!  It’s a stoplight snack!!!!!  
We covered a graham cracker in chocolate icing and added the red, yellow and green M&Ms for the lights!  Hello sugar!  It was delicious!

And that was our sparkly, seahorse, stoplight and how many week!  
Don’t forget to check out the awesome Educents Kindergarten bundle!  It’s over 1,400 pages of amazing activities and centers!  My favorite so far is this awesome CVC word unit from my friend Melissa at The Printable Princess!  This is going to make my centers for the next few weeks so easy!  i am so excited that I have a handful of ‘staches ready for CVC words!!  

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