A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: September 8th, 2013

Well, it’s Sunday.  A day when teachers get that Sunday dread.  A day when traffic on Pinterest spikes to astronomically high levels.  A day when teachers analyze data, create lesson plans based on that data and prepare to rock their students’ world in the week ahead.  It is Schedulin’ Sunday!
This week is all about the letter P, patriotism and counting to answer how many!  So, here we go!
click the picture to download my plans for the week!
And remember, my template is available at A Teacher’s Plan and it’s called THE GREG!

Monday kicks off our P week with one of my fave books, Princess Pigtoria and The Pea!  It’s a great story that’s a twist on the princess and the pea and it’s chock full of P words!  After we read Princess Pigtoria, we will complete a story map!
Students will generate P words and Mr. Greg will once again show off his amazing artistic talent and draw the P words! 
This week we start introducing our sight words!  The words for the week are:  I, of, the red.  We are using a new strategy to teach sight words so I am quite interested in seeing how this goes.  The thinking of this new way of teaching sight words is that they will have over 60 exposures to the words by the end of the week.
And of course, there is a hat!  P for PIG!  
Here is what our sight word instruction looks like on day one:  say the word, decode the word (if possible), say the letters in the word (students repeat), write the word, students write the word, use the word in a complete sentence (class repeats), students generate a complete sentence.
For writing, we will be practicing our handwriting of the letter P.  We will do whole group practice using the iPad and then the class will do their independent practice!
This week is math our focus is on small groups and answering the question:  “how many?”  After our calendar time, mental math  and math review, the class will work on a ten frame cut and paste activity.  When they finish, they will be going to their math tubs.  As they are working, I will be pulling small groups.  For my students that have mastered counting 1-10, we will be working on our See It, Count It, Graph It activities.  For students who still need more time with 1-10, we will be identifying and building numbers to 10 using ten frames!  This is going to be the same each day this week, except Friday.
Social Studies this week is focused on government symbols and patriotism.  This is my way of honoring September 11th without exposing my students to the tragedy of the day.  
Today we will read The Pledge Of Allegiance and discuss what the pledge means.  We will then write our own class pledge.
Click on the picture to get your free ten frame puzzles and cut and paste sheets!
click the picture to check out my See Count Graph activities!
P week continues with If You Give A Pig A Party!  We will read the story and create a flow map to re-tell the story.  
We will re-visit our P words from Monday and today we will spell the words.  
Day 2 of our sight word instruction looks like this:  We will have a grid with the words for the week programmed in.  We will read the words and the class repeats.  We will use the words in a complete sentence and the class repeats.
For writing, we will be labeling the classroom.  Each student will get to pick an object to label.  Mr. Greg will help them with the sounds for each letter and the student will write the letters on a large Post It Note.  
After we label objects, we will be doing some independent practice sheets where we will label school supplies!
We will continue our math focus on how many with ten frames and small groups!
Our patriotic week marches on with The Star Spangled Banner.  We will read the book and learn the song!  After singing the song, we will make handprint flags!
The students will paint their hand to resemble the flag.  They will press their hand on construction paper and glue on a flag pole!
AND since the state fairgrounds is directly across the street from our school and it’s state fair week, we are trekking to the fair for 2 hours!  Yes.  15 ‘staches and myself heading to the fair.  My goal:  to ride a pig!  It.  Will.  Happen.  
Yes, people, we have access to fair food for two weeks!!!  Hello weight gain!!
P week continues with a picture sort of p words and the book, If You Give A Pig A Pancake!  After reading the story, we will review If You Give A Pig A Party.  We will create a double bubble map to compare and contrast the two stories!
Our sight word instruction on day 3 is the same as day 2.  We will read the words in our grid.  The class repeats.  We will make up sentences using the words and the class repeats.
For writing, we will continue our classroom labeling mission!  After we label objects, we will do some independent practice with our labeling sheets!
Math is more counting and small groups and ten frames, oh my!
Today in Social Studies, I read the book The Man Who Walked Between The Towers.  We talk about following your dreams no matter what!  We do not discuss 9/11 but I do like them to be exposed to the twin towers.  I also happen to love this book and the illustrations.
And since we are living in Music City USA, we will show our red, white and blue with…what else?!  A guitar!

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It’s P for Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.  After reading, we will complete our story map for Lilly and discuss the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end!  We will do a p/t picture sort!  We will learn our sight words!
Day 4 of sight word instruction is this:  We will use our grid of words and read the words.  Class repeats.  Then each child gets a small grid of words.  We chose a color for the first word.  For example:  I will be yellow.  We color I yellow every time we find it on our grid.  We do this for the remainder of the words, choosing a different color for each word. 
Math will be more counting to answer how many.  More small groups.  More ten frames.  More fun.  More common core learning!  
Social Studies will be learning about The Statue Of Liberty, the eagle, The Liberty Bell and The Flag using my friend Deanna’s America unit!  We will read about each symbol and fill in our tree map!  
And we will make a super cute hand print eagle!
We wrap up P week with the book Pete’s A Pizza!  And of course, that means our Foodie Friday Fun is to make pizza!  We will share our favorite part of the story and review the p sound!
We will finish our classroom labeling endeavor and 
Our sight word instruction for day 5 is a game.  We are going to do a graphing jar activty.  I will put the words on a piece of paper in the jar.  Each child will get to pull a word we will read the word and add the word to our graph!  
Math will be an assessment to see how well we’ve mastered counting 1-10! 
We will be using America BUMP to assess our counting skills!
click the picture to get your freebie!
And we will wrap up our patriotic week with a fun red, white and blue hat!

Click to get your free hat template!
Of course there will be morning meetings, afternoon meeting, emergent readers, poems and syllables and rhyming words all week!!!  
Shew, I’m exhausted from this week already!
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