One Word Readers!

Happy Monday Tuesday!  Today was our first official day of guided reading!  We’ve been learning our center routines and getting our ducks in a row for this day.   I was a little worried about how things would go (Have you met me?!  I tend to worry….) but I was so pleased with our success today!
So, I have to show you what was the highlight of our guided reading.  I am a big fan of differentiation (hello who isn’t, right?!) and a big fan of providing my students opportunities to be successful.  This can be a challenge when you have students who aren’t ready to read a book during guided reading.  Of course, you want to push them but you don’t want to push them to the point of frustration where they give up.  Oh, the challenges of teaching!
I had a group who successfully read a level 2 book, a group who read a level 1 book and then I had two groups who needed something simple that they could successfully read.  So I had an idea for some one word readers for these groups.
Here is my thought process:  (yeah, that’s a scary place…inside my head….)
I want these ‘staches to have books for their book bags.
I want them to have books they can read and be successful with.
I want them to build their vocabulary.
I want them to have books to read to our reading dog.


So I came up with these!



(Please ignore the weird color issues with my pictures.  I  am on a mission to learn how to use my fancy camera without using the auto setting.  I am learning the white balance this week…I will figure this out.  I will figure this out.  I will figure this out!)
Each book has a picture and word on each page.  I chose topics that the students could easily identify to help them be successful and build their confidence.
We worked on tracking print.  We talked about the letters and sounds.   AND WE READ A BOOK!!!!  People, there is nothing quite like watching a child read an entire book by themselves and hearing someone call them “a reader!”  That look is priceless.
And that is what made today so awesome.  I was able to listen to every child successfully read a book.
What more does a teacher need?
If you’re interested in these books, check them out here!
And today’s outfit!
Shoes-Kenneth Cole
And an inspirational quote!


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