A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Sunday!  My outfits for the week are picked out!  Lesson plans are written!  Next on my list is to make materials for the week!  But first,  I have to write all about my plans!  I love sharing my ideas with everyone!  So here is our super busy 4 day week!
As always, you can click my lesson plans to download a copy of my plans!  
(The template is available at A Teacher’s Plan and is called THE GREG)
We will be reading Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle to kick our off our week of all things S!  After we read the story we will share our favorite part!
We will introduce the sound /s/ and the ‘staches will generate /s/ words and Mr. Greg will use his lame art skills to draw their words.  We will listen for the /s/ sound in words and use the iPad to practice writing S!
And of course, there is a hat!  It’s a Stop Sign hat for S1
In math we are working on counting to 10 and answering “how many?”  so today we will be building number towers!    I will show a number on the screen and the ‘staches will build a tower of cubes to the number.  Then they will tell me how many cubes are in their tower!
This week is the first week of our 2 week community helper unit!  We kick off with a circle map of jobs.  The ‘staches will share what they want to be when they grow up!  
We will re-read Mr. Seahorse and complete a story map about the book.  We will introduce the letter S as the way to spell the /s/ sound.  We will review our /s/ words and add the names of the words.  The ‘staches will spell the first sound of /s/ and I will spell the rest of the word as I write the word.  The staches will also do a picture sort so Mr. Greg can assess how well they hear the /s/ sound.
We will use our circle map of jobs to complete a predictable chart about what we want to be when we grow up!  
We will do a super cute, Eric Carle inspired seahorse craftivity to go with our book.   
The students will receive a seahorse outline and a pile of tissue paper squares in a variety of colors.  They will use a glue water mixture to “paint” the tissue paper squares onto the seahorse.  I remind them to cover the whole seahorse, the pieces can overlap and they can go outside the lines.  When they are finished, we add a googly eye and make a fun display in the hallway!
In math we will read Ten Apples Upon Top.  Each stache will choose a number card.  They will identify that number and count that number of apple stickers.  They will glue a picture of themselves onto construction paper and put their apples up on top of their head!
To save money I print their pictures using the black and white laser printer!  They look cute with red apples stacked on top of their heads that are in black and white!
We will continue our community helper unit with the book Officer Buckle and Gloria.  After reading the story, I will ask each ‘stache to share 1 safety rule for our class.  As they share the rule, I will write the rule on a yellow star.  When everyone has had a turn, the staches will get to illustrate their safety rule.  We will display the safety rules in our classroom!

 Today we will read the book Firehouse by Mark Teague.  We will focus on completing a story map to determine the characters, setting and plot events in the story.  We will do a picture sort to asses the /s/ sound and get a glimpse into our /p/ skills!  
Writing will be to complete two bubble maps.  One bubble map will be about teachers and the other will be about police officers.
In math, we will be counting skittles!  I will call out a number and the ‘staches will have to find the number on their work mat.  They will count that many skittles onto that number on the work mat.  After we finish our skittle counting we will eat the skittles!
We will continue community helper week with some graphing!  We will review Officer Buckle and Gloria and do a graphing activity.  Each ‘stache will vote for their favorite character!
We will make a police officer craftivity to go with our story about Officer Buckle!

Tonight is also our school wide family barbecue!  We will have music and food and from what I hear, a pretty big crowd of families to celebrate the hidden gem that is our amazing little school!!  I’m very excited to get spend some quality time with my students and their families outside of  the school day!
Today we will read Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site and discuss the story and name all of the construction equipment (mini vocabulary lesson!!)  We will also share our favorite part of the story.
We will review the /s/ sound and do a whole group sorting activity with words that begin with s, m, and a to review the sounds we’ve been focusing on.
And for Fun Friday we will use sequins to make the letter S!  Sequins says SSSSSS!  And it’s sparkly and sassy like Mr. Greg!
In math we will complete a 1-10 counting book.  On each page there is a number and 10 squares.  The ‘staches ID the number and color the correct number of squares.  Then they count the correct number of stickers onto the page.  This will be our math assessment piece of the week.
And of course, we end the week with Foodie Friday Fun!  This week’s snack is keeping with our community helpers theme!
To make your edible stoplight you need graham crackers, chocolate icing and M&M’s!  Last year we did small stoplights, but this year I am going big!  I will give the ‘staches a full graham cracker and have them cover it with icing.  Then they will get several red, yellow and green M&M’s  to make a larger circle for the lights!  YUMMY!!!  Who doesn’t love eating chocolate frosting?!
And that’s our week!   With lots of singing, dancing, laughing, pig riding and of course our weekly visit from Bear the Reading Dog!
And this is my self reflection lesson for this week!  I will work hard to remember these words!
Here are some freebies for you!  These will be used in centers and as part of our community helper unit!
click the seahorse picture to download a cute counting to 10 math center activity!
The following freebies can be downloaded from my TPT shop!

(Feel free to pin these and share these with your friends!)
A lot of our activities for Officer Buckle and Gloria will come from my Safety First unit!  
I finished this new Common Core creation last night!  140 pages of Apple goodness!  Check it out!  ( I have a few more pages to add to it so it will be growing!)
GIVEAWAY!  I will choose a random person to win this unit from anyone who leaves a comment on this post!  Be sure to leave your email!!


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