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Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a great day.  My ‘staches were on point today.  I read with every child during guided reading.  We mastered counting on.  We had lots of fun.  I love these days!  I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE announcement….but you have to read the entire post before you learn the news!

Today I want to share a new greeting and activity for morning meeting and the great thing about this is that it brings science into morning meeting!  If you’re like me, it’s hard to find time to get science into your day.  I am a huge fan of science and like many of you, I try to find ways to incorporate science through literature and math.  So you can imagine my giddiness when I stumbled across this new book:

I asked my principal if we could order the book for our school and he said yes!  The book has simple and easy ways to incorporate science into your morning meeting for grades K-6.  (PS  I had the opportunity to do the 5 day Responsive Classroom training a few years ago…if you get the chance, take it!)
So what did we do?  
I used an activity from the book to discuss temperature as our greeting.  Each morning meeting begins with a greeting and this was a fun greeting with lots of giggles!  
To do this activity you need some thermometers that show hot or cold.  I printed thermometers and colored them red and blue (red for hot and blue for cold)!  
We discussed what blue meant (cold) and what red meant (hot)!  Then we talked about what we might do if it was cold.  We squeezed ourselves and said “BRRRR!”  And if we are hot, we fanned ourselves and said:  “SHOO It’s hot”!
After we laid the groundwork, we started our greeting.  
Each child gets a thermometer that is face down.  When it’s their turn, they flip their thermometer over.  
If their thermometer shows hot, they greet their neighbor by fanning themselves and saying:  “SHOO Greg, it’s hot”
If their thermometer shows cold, they greet their neighbor by squeezing themselves and saying “BRRRR It’s cold Greg!”
We continue until everyone has been greeted.
After the greeting, we discuss some vocabulary.  We discussed temperature, thermometer, hold, cold and weather.  
This takes just a few minutes a day and after a week of this greeting, we have learned a new science concept and new vocabulary!  
And now…you’ve asked for it…we’ve all wanted it…it’s finally happening….are you ready???
I will be presenting not 1, not 2 but 3 workshops at the national kindergarten conference in Las Vegas.  The conference is July 10-14.   People…I cannot describe my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And holy cow I’m already nervous!!!!!  So, pack your bags, book a room, save your dollars and let’s all meet up in Vegas!!!

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