A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post!

It’s time again for The Saturday Kindergarten Post here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  It was a super busy week…but we had a lot of fun.  And we had two days of boot camp.  I had a sub on Monday (the dude WAS HORRID!  He told the kids “you can do whatever you want…and you can use any of Mr. Greg’s stuff…”) so we had to have two days of tough love to get ourselves back into shape!  
This week was all about turkeys and the letter D!  Turkeys…ducks…doughnuts…how’s that for a super fun week?!
We learned all about Thanksgiving and being thankful this week!  And of course Thanksgiving means turkeys!  We made a lot of turkeys!

These are one of my favorites!  Paper plate turkeys!    They turn out so fun and look awesome hanging in the classroom.  And they’re MESSY!  You know motto:  messy=success!
To make:
 Paint 3 paper plates.  2 brown. 1 orange.
After the plates dry, TEACHER hot glues the 2 brown plates to a popsicle stick.
Cut the orange plate in half and staple on for the wings.
Cut out eyes and glue on.
Cut out a red gobbler and glue on.
Cut yellow triangles for the beak (which we totally forgot!)
Legs-2 strips of orange paper fan folded!
And people, this happens every. single. year.  No matter how much we go over directions and model, one turkey always ends up with Dumbo ears.  Seriously, been doing this for 5 years.  The streak continues.  But this one inspired a spring craft idea!  hehe

These are another fave!  These are our sight word turkey.  I assess each child’s sight words and they get feathers for each word they know!  I love that we get to make assessing fun and we get to take a minute to discuss being thankful for words and reading and learning!  And really, how cute are these?!

These goofy dudes came from Mrs. Miner’s Kindergarten Monkey Business!  They were so easy to do and are just plain fun!
We spent a lot of time this week being thankful!  Our morning meeting greeting this week was “Good morning, I am thankful for…”  We wrote lists of things we were thankful for, we did a predictable chart about being thankful  and we spent time writing about what we were thankful for!
Some of things we’re thankful for…
Mr. Greg
spiders (?)
scarecrows (you know…so the birds don’t eat the corn)
And the best thing we’re thankful for: 
CHINA (as in the country…true story!)
Of course, we did our MAD SCIENCE FRIDAY!  This week we made slime.  We were supposed ot make glitter slime…but the glitter glue is $3 a bottle…so we used glue with a little glitter glue mixed in!  The ‘staches had a blast making slime.  They were so excited that one of them yelled “WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE SLIME!”  They also thought it was pretty gross when they had to pull the slime out of the water!

I love the two very different reactions!!!
If you want to make slime, you can get the directions my clicking on this freebie!
Of course, you MUST have a hat to make each week complete!  This week was D for ducks!  
And or course, we made our circle map of D words.  My drawing is D for disastrous!
And finally, how about Foodie Fun Friday?  So, it’s the letter D…so that can only mean one thing:  DOUGHNUTS!
True story.  We fried doughnuts for the entire kindegarten.  We alerted the principal that we were frying…and that we might or might not set off the fire alarm…he said “OK..we can just let the fire department know!”  (yeah, he really is that awesome!!!!!)
Now, of course we took safety first.  The ‘staches were kept at a safe distance from the frying…and we even set up next to the fire extinguisher!  

And in case you missed it, here is a fun “staching Christmas” freebie!  Click the picture to see it on TPT!  Click download preview to get your freebie!

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