A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: Novemeber 11th, 2013

Happy Sunday!  This morning I had a very enlightening experience.  I met my teaching buddy and dear friend, Ms. B and we visited a Spanish speaking Catholic church for mass.  Now, I’m not Catholic nor do I speak Spanish so this was quite the experience but it gave me a very powerful understanding of what my EL students face each day.  I highly recommend you try an out of culture experience if you haven’t before!  
And now, Schedulin’ Sunday!
This week is Pilgrim-Palooza!  We’re learning about pilgrims this week.  We’re also honoring our Veteran’s and solving addition story problems!
Today we read Hero Dad  and What Is Veteran’s Day and create a circle map of things we know about Veteran’s and what they mean to us.   I’m super excited to use these because I just downloaded them to my iPad with the Kindle app!  Can’t wait to see how the ‘staches react to seeing these on the big screen!!
This week we will learn the /h/ sound so we will create our circle map of H words with Mr. Greg making yet another miserable attempt to draw our pictures.  We will listen for the /h/ sound in words and give a thumbs up for the /h. sound.  We will also, of course, make a silly hat.  No Monday is ever complete without a silly hat!  And since we’re learning the /h/ sound, we will make a hero hat! 
We will write a thank you note to a soldier currently serving overseas! 
In math, we are working on addition.  This week is all about using pictures and manipulatives to solve equations.  Today we will focus on drawing pictures and using the information in an equation.  Mr. Greg will write an equation on the board and we will draw pictures to solve the equation using our white boards.  
We will end our day with a soldier craftivity from Peace Love and Learning and do a fun painting activity!
To make the background, we put red, white and blue paint in the corner of a lid from a box of copy paper.  I put 4 or 5 marbles in the box.  The ‘staches roll the marbles all over the paper.  As they roll, they get paint on the paper!  We then create our soldiers and glue them to the paper!
Today we read Sweet Potato Pie and begin our discussions about pilgrims.  We will start a circle map about pilgrims.  We will add to this circle map as we learn more about pilgrims throughout the week.
We will create a tree map about pilgrims.  We will discuss what pilgrims did, what they had and what they wanted.  We will add to this throughout the week also.
We will review our H word circle map.  We will identify the first sound and spell that sound.  Mr. Greg will spell the word and we will count the syllables in each word.
In math, we will continue working on solving addition problems using pictures.  Today, we will do our first story problems.  Mr. Greg will read a dinosaur story problem and the ‘staches will draw pictures to solve the story problem on their white boards.  The ‘staches will then complete a practice page for independent practice.
We will create our paper plate pilgrims!
I will post a how to blog Tuesday for these cuties!
Today, we will read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie and do a flow map to re-tell the story by sequencing the story.
We will practice segmenting our words.
We will do a Thanksgiving labeling activity.
In math, we continue adding and solving story problems.  Today we will solve dinosaur story problems!  
To celebrate our pilgrim-palozza, we will paint a hand-print Mayflower!
Today we read The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving.  We will discuss what we learn and add the information to our circle map.

We will create a Venn Diagram of pilgrims then and us now.  We will discuss the things that are the same and different as we compare ourselves.
In math, addition and story problems continue.  We will be solving dinosaur and unicorn story problems!
We will make pilgrim hats to celebrate pilgrim-palooza!
We end our Pilgrim-palooza week with T Is For Turkey.  We will discuss what we learn and add to our circle map.
We will do a shared writing about what we learned about pilgrims.  
In, math we will do an addition assessment.
Mad Scientist Friday this week will be vanishing colors.
Foodie Fun Friday will be PIES!  We will taste pumpkin pie, apple pie and peanut butter pie and graph our favorites!  
We will be using this freebie this week!  I told the ‘staches about it Friday and they were so excited!  The Halloween version was uber popular so I created a Thanksgiving Count The Room freebie!  Click the picture to download it from TPT!
Our centers, writing activities and labeling activities are from my Common Core Thanksgiving resources:
Our math activities are from my Dino Math and Unicorn Math Resources:

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