Happy Monday!  We survived giving the Tripod Survey and having our 2 hour planning period.  I saw my staches for the afternoon!  I even finished my first TOP SECRET project for Creative Teaching Press.  All will be revealed on November 18th!

In October, you might remember (what, you don’t remember that far back?!) that I made some “Wicked Word Jars” and they were a huge hit with my kiddos.  So I decided to re-make them for Thanksgiving.

You will need:
Empty jars-I got mine at Wal-Mart for $1.97 each
Popcorn-I got the giant bags at Kroger
Word cards-paint chips-free from Lowe’s (free-borrowing NOT stealing!)
Recording sheets (Free from me!)
I used a Sharpie to write Thanksgiving words on the paint chips. I cut them apart so the words on the paint chips were cut off.  
I filled the jars with 1 bag of popcorn per bag!  
I then placed the words into the popcorn.  I buried them and tried to seperate them as much as possible.  
Next, screw the lid on tightly!
The center is ready to go!  I differentiate the center by using two recording sheets.  One sheet is for writing words and the other is for coloring words.

I put this into our centers today…instant success!!   It can be a bit noisy..but that’s half the fun!
Click the picture to download the recording sheets!
And now the winner of the Draw Write Now boxed set is….
LAUREN KUHN!!!!  Congratulations Lauren!  I’ll be emailing you tonight!

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