A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I enjoyed my two days back with my little ‘staches.  Isn’t it funny how we all talk about wanting a break and then we talk about about wanting to get back to the kids?!  Those little geniuses just make me smile!
This week’s Five For Friday has a mustache theme.  Big surprise!
Can I just say how much I love my stache sweater that the mister got me for Christmas?!  And yes, the glasses have tape on them!  I also love the green pants he got me for Christmas.  And yes, I’m wearing mustache socks!

My chair has suddenly become the most popular place in the classroom to read!  I love seeing them sitting together and sharing books!!!  And yes, that’s a mustache carpet in our classroom!

Epic.  Who doesn’t love a bouncy ball?   How about making your own bouncy ball!?  That’s how we roll at the kindergarten smorgasboard.  No 25 cent bouncy ball is gonna cut it.  We make our own!  Check out the blog tomorrow for more on this amazing science experiment!

click the picture for more info!
This was the center of choice today.  Everyone wanted it.  Everyone loved it.  What’s the secret?  Read on for my latest education theory…

This is my new and profound educational theory.  I’ve found that recently, when I’ve added mustaches to our centers, we are 1,985% more engaged (totally scientific numbers there too…research and all…) because, well, honestly, who doesn’t love a good mustache?!  Seriously.  I’m gonna add mustaches to all centers from now.  We’ll see those test scores skyrocket!
I do have to give a huge shout out to my friend Susanna at Whimsy Workshop because she takes such good care of me and my requests for mustache clip art!  She also created custom and exclusive (I feel so special…) borders and frames for me to use in for my PowerPoint presentations at the National I Teach K Conference in Vegas this summer!  People, they match the colors of the blog exactly.  AMAZING!  Now I’ve gone and talked about Vegas and my hearts racing and I’m sweaty and nervous!

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