A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: January 20th, 2014

Happy Sunday!  And thank you 3 day weekend.  I’m glad to have plans done for the week so now I can relax a bit tomorrow.  Yeah, because we all know how much I relax!  
So this post and lesson plans almost didn’t happen…someone who shall remain nameless to protect the truly innoncent, left his computer power cord in his classroom.  OOPS!  $70 later we have a new cord and we’re hard at work.  Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out last night!  But it’s all better today!  
So how about some plans?!

As always, click the link to download my common core aligned plans!
Tuesday-We kick off MLK week with the story Martin’s Big Words.  Prior to reading, we will start our KWL chart about MLK.  After we read the story, we will discuss four of Martin’s big words:  peace, together, freedom and love.  We will come up with ways that these words work in our classroom.  
This week we are learning the letter E and the short E sound.  So of course, we must make an elephant hat and a circle map of E words!
We will then write about what our dream for the world or community or classroom is.
In math, we are starting with place value  and teen numbers.  We will introduce the base ten blocks (rods and cubes…tens and ones) and how we use them to show numbers.   I will hold up a number and the ‘staches will use their blocks to build that number.    We will complete a cut and paste sheet to assess our learning.
We will also discuss segregation and use eggs to teach that we might look different on the outside, we’re still the same on the inside.
After our lesson on diversity and friendship, we will make scrambled eggs!  True story.  E for eggs!
Wednesday we continue with our MLK week by reading the story I Have A Dream.  We will discuss the speech and view a video of Mr. King giving his speech.  We will review Martin’s big words and add to our KWL chart.  
We will spell and write the words on our E circle map.  
We will publish our I have a dream writing by writing a final copy.  We will draw a picture of ourselves to go with our writing.
In math, we continue with place value.  We will review tens and ones and how we use those to help us build numbers.  Today, we’re going to play a game to practice!  We’re going on a base ten hunt!  Each student will have a card with a number or a set of base ten blocks.  The ‘staches will have to find the person with the matching card.  We will play several times.  After the game, we will practice drawing our base ten blocks.  Mr. Greg will show a number and we will draw the base ten blocks to show the number.  
We will make a hand-print wreath to display with our writing.  I cut out hands using our die cut machine.  I use various shades of brown to match the diversity in our classroom.  The ‘staches color a picture of MLK.  They glue hands around a paper plate and glue the picture in the middle of the hands.
Thursday, we will continue with our MLK week.  We will read the story The Crayon Box That Talked.  After reading the story, we will discuss how we must all work together and we all need each other in order to make a beautiful world and classroom.  The ‘staches will color a crayon and we will display our crayon box as a reminder of how amazing our differences are!
We will work on our vowels today also.  We’ve been working on them for 2 weeks so today we will do some sorting to listen for the long vowel sounds.  
We will also start a new major push for writing.  We’re going back to the basics folks.  Mr. Greg is a miserable failure at teaching writing, so we’re going to start over with a writing through the year unit from Deanna Jump and Deedee Willis.  When I grow up, I wanna be those two sweet ladies!
In math we continue playing…I mean exploring …with our base ten blocks and place value.  Today we will be walking the room.  The students will have recording sheets (differentiated because that’s how we roll!) and will have to find their cards (red or yellow).  When they locate a card, they will either have to write the number or color the number!  
We will celebrate MLK by making a tree map about MLK and doing a craftivity from my amazingly sweet, talented and beautiful friend Katie at Teacher To The Core!
And finally, it’s Friday!  We will end our week with MLK by reading The Peace Book by Todd Parr.  I LOVE TODD PARR!!!!!!!  His books are simply written but pack a powerful punch!  And the colors are so bright (like my personality…) and fun!  
After reading the book, we will make a list of all of the ways we can bring peace to our classroom.
To assess our vowel knowledge, we’re going to do a super fun project that I’ve been doing for years.  When I found this amazing freebie, I was so happy I tossed some glitter around.  Cuz ya know, I always have glitter with me.  
They spell their name and color the vowels and consonants.  Then the ‘staches get some some math practice too!  WHAT?!  Vowels and math?!  GENIUS!  And they get to be creative.  It’s a perfect combination!
This awesome freebie is from First Grade Fever!  It’s a must do, people!
We will continue with our writing lessons from Writing Through The Year.  Day 2.  
In math, we will do an assessment of our base ten skills.
Then it’s Mad Science Friday and Foodie Fun Friday!
For mad science, we’re making sparkly snow slime.  Slime and glitter?!  SIGN ME UP!
click the picture to download the directions for this sparkly slimy experiment!
And for Foodie Fun Friday, we’re going to be making a Friendship Snack Mix.  I found this idea at Once Upon A First Grade Adventure!  It’s so cute and simple and makes a very powerful statement to the ‘staches that we’re all in this together and that we’re all needed to make the world taste good!
And that folks, is our toats mcgoats busy week!  
Here is a freebie for anyone who wants to make a KWL chart or tree map!
All of our place value/base ten activities this week are from my newest creation (toats mcgoats made it today while planning…)…my Place Value Mini Pack!
PS  It’s on sale for $2 for today only!
I also gave my 100th Day Fiesta pack a minor update!  And fixed a mistake….the mistake resulted in a very angry parent letter to me last year.  And it was just 1 tiny little mistake…but it’s fixed now!  And you can get this creation for half price today!  WOOT WOOT!
130 pages of 100th day fun…writing, math, decorations, a memory book and more!  $3.50 today!
How about a give away?  Leave a comment with your favorite activity for place value or MLK or 100th day and I’ll choose 2 winners tomorrow!
If anyone out there teaches Pre-K or owns a daycare or preschool, you must check out this awesome bundle!  19 amazing resources for Pre-k and preschool!!!!!!  And it’s a huge deal.  Toats mcgoats on sale!  Check it out!  And share with your friends!

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