A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Of Shapes!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their day off (if you were off!).  The weather here was beautiful so I felt quite energized.  I got some stuff done and got my hair did!  YAY!  No more fluffy head!

Today I want to share some of our super fun shape activities that we did last week!  And I must say that it was a successful week!  We did a pre-test and post-test and the post-test was a huge success!

We kicked off our shapes week with these adorable shape people from Mrs. Plant’s Press!  We worked in pairs to build 2D and 3D shape people.   These are adorable and the ‘staches had a blast creating them!  
After we completed our shape people, we used them to complete our anchor charts!  We used our shape people to count sides, corners and to identify faces.  We broke out the plastic models to see if our shapes rolled, slid or stacked.  I’m pretty sure the ‘staches enjoyed this part the most!

We also constructed shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows!  We had a blast with this activity!  I piled up supplies on the table and asked the staches to build shapes.  I would instruct them to build a 2D shape with 3 sides.  After they worked on their shape for a while, I would show them how to assemble the shape and then they would go to town!  What I loved about this activity was that my students who normally struggle, were very successful!  This just proves the power of differentiation and multiple learning strategies!  What works for one, might not work for another!
And who doesn’t love it when you get to eat the work when you’re finished?!

We celebrated our shape successes with a shape party!  Everyone brought in a shape snack and we sorted them by shapes.  Then we loaded up our plates and had a shape feast!
Our foods were:  Doritos, marshmallows, cheese cubes, Whoppers, crackers, vanilla wafers, Kit Kits, Skittles, Hershey Kisses, Cheez-Its, Tootsie Rolls, and vanilla wafers (rectangles).  While we were snacking, I would randomly call out to hold up a 2D or 3D shape and the ‘staches would hold up a shape and name it!  Ya know…keep the learning going!  
To assess our learning, we did a quick cut and paste assessment where the ‘staches sorted shapes!  We did 2D and 3D and we had 95% mastery!!!  BAM!!!  Way to go ‘staches! 
Our shape week resources came from my Common Core Shapes Mini Pack!
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