March 3rd Wednesday Centers

Happy Hump Day!  I hope everyone had a great today.  Before we get to Wednesday centers, I have to share a story from today.

Teaching is hard and often time thankless.  There are days when it’s difficult to find a positive.  There are days when we wonder if what we’re doing is working or if we’re making a difference.  And then there are days like today.  Days that remind us that what we do matters and what we do is changing lives and opening little minds (and big minds) to the wonders of learning and reading.  Today was a day that reminds us of the power of expectations.    Today, my friend Fire Drill reminded me that every child can be taught and every child can meet the expectations set before them.  I have shared our challenges (and HILARIOUS moments) working with Fire Drill.  Early in the year, I set a goal to teach her to read a book.  That was my expectation.  She would read me a book by the end of kindergarten.  A book.    9 weeks ago that little pistol completely blew this teacher away when she successfully tested on a level 1 reading level.  I never expected for a second that we would reach that point.  Today, I was hopeful she would stay on a level 1 and not regress.  I was even a little hopeful that she would make it to a level 2.  Remember, expectations are powerful things.  Not only did she read on level 2, but she went on to pass level 3.  My friend Fire Drill, whose goal was to read me 1 book, is now reading on a level 3.  In fact, she had 93% accuracy and 100% accuracy on comprehension.  Expectations.  That little girl has worked incredibly hard to get to this point.  She never stops (EVER…always on the go and into something…), she never gives up and most importantly, she is a happy and positive bundle of happy!  Today, Fire Drill reminded me that what I do matters and more importantly, she reminded this teacher that my students can and will meet every expectation that I set to them.  No matter how low or how high.  If we expect it, they will achieve.  My new goal for Fire Drill?  To read on grade level and beyond!!!!    Today is a career high and a powerful reminder of the power of teaching and learning.  Thank you Fire Drill.

Now, how about some math and literacy centers?!  It’s been a busy week in our centers…pigs…St. Patrick’s…basketball…The Dr. Who Shall Not Be Named…vowels, compound words, QR Codes, graphing, sentences, addition and subtraction.  We’ve got it covered!

Adding piggies!!  We’re loving our piggy centers to go with our three pigs unit!  OINK!

My ‘staches are rocking the blends!!!!!!  So proud of them!  What does the fox say?!  WE ROCK!

Getting ready for some March Madness!!!  Hoop style!

Building, reading and writing compound words!  

Reading CVC words!  This has been a huge help to my two students who are still struggling with blending CVC words.  It’s been a huge confidence builder!!

CVC-E words!  

This sentence building center definitely challenged my ‘staches but it was so good for them!  

Teen numbers are a huge issue for us.  This has been helping us to recognize those teen numbers!  

Who doesn’t love a glittery write the room?!

OINK!  OINK!  CVC-E Words with the pig!

QR CODES!  Epic.  Most popular center ever.  Now we have new codes so we can practice adding, subtracting, tally marks, CVC-E words, and blends with our QR codes!  

Reading and writing rainbow sight words with smelly markers?!  BRILLIANT!
Here is a fun and free recording sheet for rainbow sight words!
Thanks Whimsy Workshop for the mustache wearing’ rainbow.  She is so good to me with my mustache clip art!!!!  You must go say hi to her!

See, count graph.  Perfect combination of skills.  And fun!  

Ten frames.  We heart ten frames!
There ya go, a sneak peek into our classroom centers for the week!
If you’re interested in learning more about the centers, you can check them out below!
This is my newest QR code creation!  LOVE IT!  Blends, vowels, add, subtract, tally marks and more!  
My St. Patrick’s Day creation is only $4!  190 pages of centers and writing and activities!

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