Guided Reading Lesson – SmorgieVision (Promothean Board)

Happy Monday!!!  So…guess what I got today?????  Are ya ready???  Do you wanna know???  It is so amazing it made me do my happy dance!  Yeah, I have a happy dance….why does this surprise you?!

Yes people, he got a Promothean Board.  Do you hear the bells of jubilation?!?!  You should!  Or me squealing with delight (yes, I squeal!)
I had an interactive white board in my old classroom and used it all day every day.  When I moved schools, we didn’t have them in the new building.  We raised almost $20K to purchase boards for every room.  Mine was installed today.  Holy smokes does this make feel like a complete teacher again!  I can’t wait to dive in and use it!
Now, onto yet another classroom video!  This is a fun morning meeting greeting and activity rolled into one.  I like the greeting and activity combined because it can shorten the morning  meeting by a couple of minutes.  What I love about this particular greeting/activity is that it gets us moving in the morning and helps with listening and following directions.  And it’s funny!
Here’s how it works….we call this Follow The Leader and my teammate calls it Copycat.  Either one works!  
When it’s your turn, you say “Hello!  My name is….”  or “Good morning!  My name is….”  After your greeting, you do an action.  This can be jumping jacks, karate chops, pushups, sit-ups or whatever action you want.  (Note:  we have a bit of a discussion about what’s safe and not safe.  No flips or cartwheels please!).  After you do your action, the rest of the class, says “Good morning…..” and copies your action.   If the person does 3 claps, the class does 3 claps.  You are copying them exactly! Repeat with the rest of the class.   
In this video, you will see that we were slightly obsessed with pushups this day.  You’ll also see that this is real classroom with real classroom antics!  So enjoy!  
You can watch the video here or on my YouTube channel!  And feel free to Pin and share these videos!  The more we share, the more teachers we can help and inspire and spread ideas!  

The winner of my new See, Count, Graph April Edition is:
Sara Lane!  Sara, shoot me an email and I’ll get you your prize!
And a special shout out to my TBFF for the fun kids clipart!  Check out The Hartmann Sparkle on TPT for excellent clipart!

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