April 9th Wednesday Centers!

Adding dice!  We did this activity whole group and then moved it to centers!  Who doesn’t love dice and Scentos markers?!  (This recording sheet is FREE…just click on the picture!)

Adding dominos!  Another favorite!  And if you’re like me, you have a ton of dominos in your classroom!  (Click the picture for your free recording sheet!)

So…I am a Dollar Store junkie.  I should buy stock…I always buy stuff and then figure out how to use my very necessary purchases.  I bought these glitter bunnies…glitter, hello, I MUST HAVE THEM…then I figured out they would make amazing counters for my April Ten Frame cards!  Glitter people, glitter!

OK…It’s totally ok to have yourself as a graph, right?!

My ‘staches love these.  They love anything with easter eggs….Click the picture for your freebie!

I love the paint stick sentences!  So much fun and the sentences are so silly!!!  (Click the picture for a freebie to go with your paint sticks!)

So many people have said such awesome things about my What Does The Fox Say creations!  My ‘staches love them…other people love them…and they really do help the kids learn.  EPIC!  Then everyone started talking about these fox baskets at Target.  So, I told the mister we HAD to go to Target…it’s how we spend a Saturday night around here!  I got some fox baskets and man, they make the fox centers even better!!!!!!!!!
If you’re interested in any of the centers, click the pictures!

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