Submission For Smorgie: Introducing Centers

Hello FREEZING Thursday.  People, we had field day today and it was 50 degrees, cloudy, windy and WET!  We were frozen….and I mean teeth chattering frozen but we had a blast AND we are kindergarten tug of war champions!!!!
Well, it’s time.  It’s happening.  Here it comes.  I am posting the very first Submission For Smorgie video!!!  I am super excited about this.  Ya’ll have been amazing in your response already!  I have 50 questions already!  I am so excited for this new Greg-venture!   Keep em coming!
Today’s question comes all the way from Singapore!  I KNOW, RIGHT?!  How cool that my first question is from all the way around the world! Zahra’s question is how I introduce new centers to my class and how I keep up with the laminating and cutting!  Well Zahra, here is the answer and I hope it helps!


You can watch the video below or click the picture to go to my YouTube channel!


And just for watching, how about a glittery math freebie?!  I mentioned making some glittery dominos for math centers a while back and we all got really excited….well, I finally did it!  This will be a super fun center for the end of the year!

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