It’s that time of year people.  A new school year has arrived.  That means the return of Schedulin Sunday here at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard! 
Normally on Sunday I post my lesson plans for you to download, however, since I only have 2 half days with my ‘staches this week, I won’t have any lesson plans to download.  BUT I can share with you what I have planned for those half days!
Here is my plan for the first day of school:
7:43-Mr. Greg can be found in the corner.  Crying.  Shaking.  Asking for his mommy.  The first day always TERRIFIES me.  Seriously.  It scares the pants off of me.  What if…I mess up?  What if.. I lose a child?  What if…I can’t control my class?  What if..I fail?!  What if …the ‘staches don’t like me?
But at least i’m wearing an epic back to school outfit!
7:45-8:15-arrival.  Students will arrive and find a seat at a table (This is the only time we will be directed to sit at a table.  As soon as the parents leave, we will learn how to get our rugs and sit on those!).  At their tables they will have a coloring sheet to color.
People…it’s a coloring sheet of me!  Seriously!  It’s so much fun to watch them slowly figure out that it’s their teacher that they’re coloring.
8:20-Morning Meeting
We will learn how to bring our rug to the morning meeting area.  I will model how to get the rug and carry it to the carpet and put it down.  I’ll model (Gimpy knee willing…) how to sit criss cross applesauce!  We will practice this multiple times if needed.
Our morning meeting will consist of a simple greeting:  My name is…
After everyone has been greeted, Mr. Greg will talk.
I share who I am and how happy and excited I am.  I share how this is our classroom and all of this stuff is ours.  We share it all.  We respect it all.  If we take care of it, we learn and have fun.  I also talk about being a family and taking care of each other.  
Next we sing two songs:  Beautiful Day by Jack Hartmann and Alien Alphabet from Intelli-Tunes!
I use this song at the beginning of the year because it sings the letters in a slow pattern so we aren’t racing through  LMNOP!  It’s a fun song for learning letters!
After singing, we visit the classroom bathroom and learn bathroom procedures.  Hello toilet spider!
Seriously, draw a spider in the toilet and teach the boys to pee on the spider.  You will be amazed at how clean your bathroom will stay.  I just use a Sharpie and draw him on the toilet!  BAM!  No more pee on the floor.  Until one of your ‘staches gets mad and pees on the wall….allegedly!
We head back to the carpet for our first read aloud!
Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten.
After reading, we make a chart of all the things Miss Bindergarten does to get ready for Kindergarten and all of the things we did to get ready for kindergarten.
Next, we write our names.  
Everyone, including Mr. Greg writes our names on chart paper.  We get to use our smelly markers so Mr. Greg gives his smelly marker speech.  Take care of them.  These are SPECIAL markers and we don’t want them to go away.  It’s ok to sniff them one time.  No more than one time.  
After we take turns writing our names on chart paper, we go to our seats/rugs and practice writing our names on paper.  
I keep these papers and the chart and display them as our first piece of Kindergarten work.
By now, it is time for brunch!  
This is when we practice lining up (walking feet, quiet feet, facing forward with duck tails and bubbles and STAYING IN LINE!).  Once we are in line we make our first journey into the hallways.   Pray for us.  There’s nothing like kindergarteners walking down the hall on the first day of school!  People, pray for us.  We will be a hot mess.  I’m prepared.  And i’m ok with it!
After brunch, we take a stroll around the school just to get more practice walking and to see our school.
When we return from brunch, we are introduced to our first school supply!  THE CRAYON!
I show the ‘staches the crayons and ask what they are and what they get used for.  We talk about what we color (PAPER!) and what not to color (tables, rugs, floors, your friends, your self, your teacher…especially your teacher!).  
Then I break crayons.  Panic ensues.  The ‘staches get upset and we talk about respecting crayons and caring for them.
Next, I turn on the document camera (Elmo) and show them how it works.  We play with the camera for a few minutes.  Then I show them a soccer ball.
Click to get your freebie!
I start to color the ball by scribbling all over.  
I ask how I’m doing and they all say not good.  
Then I show them how to color in the lines, leaving no white space and using different colors!
After I model how to color my soccer ball, each ‘stache gets a soccer ball and they color their ball!
Why a soccer ball:  the different sections!  It’s great for staying in lines and for using multiple colors!  And it’s fun!
This activity gives you some insight into who can hold crayons, who is good at coloring and who might need some extra TLC!
And since it’s the first day and we are MR. GREG’s MUSTACHES we will have a mustache cookie, wear a mustache hat, wear a mustache and take lots of pictures!
Click the picture to get your freebie!

And then it will be time to go home.  We will practice lining up again.  We will make our way to the front for dismissal.  Pray for us.  Dismissal is always a nightmare on the first day.  I will not lose anyone.  I will not lose anyone.  I will not lose anyone.
Morning Meeting
Read Aloud:  Scaredy Squirrel and First Day Jitters.
Talk about emotions/feelings.
Predictable chart:  I felt….on the first day of kindergarten.
Name practice.
Go home!
The 2nd half day is easy because have specials that day so we get to practice that routine!  It makes for a quick day!
Feel free to link up your weekly blog post with your weekly lesson plans!


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