It’s October and we all know what that means….it’s the holiday teachers love to hate.  You know the one where our little darlings get all dressed up in fun costumes and bang on doors demanding candy.  They end up with double their body weight in candy.  Which they eat all night.  Then they show up at school.  And we love them and their days long sugar high.  And the tummy aches.  And the discussions about why we can’t take candy to lunch as our lunch.   Oh, Halloween how I love thee!  BUT HALLOWEEN IS ON A FRIDAY!  If you could see me know, I am smiling and doing my happy dance!

But seriously…who doesn’t love Halloween?!  Even as an adult…it means we get to dress up and play pretend!  We will be in NYC for the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade this year (and to see Carol Burnett) so we need ideas….wrestler?  football player?  I dunno….ideas?!

I love Halloween in the classroom too.  It means pumpkins and monsters.  And super fun centers and activities.  I mean…ghosts and goblins and skeletons and witches!  OH MY!  All of the festivities might make our darlings a little bonkers (which makes us all mega bonkers) but it’s also easy to find engaging (creepy…crawly…spooky…) activities and tools during October!

Just like these ice cube trays and ping pong eye balls from The Dollar Tree!  HAVE YOU SEEN THESE???  GET IN OUR CAR NOW!   Road rage all the way to the nearest dollar tree and load up.  I’ve bought out 2 Dollar Trees in 2 states!  So yeah, um…go now.  I’ll wait.

(Cue the Jeopardy Music!)

So I decided to create some math centers will all of these spooky purchases….and that means FREEBIES FOR YOU!  YOU GET A FREEBIE!  YOU GET A FREEBIE!  EVERYBODY GETS A FREEBIE!
The orange pumpkin ice trays have…wait for it…10 spots.  IT’S A TEN FRAME!  Thank you Dollar Tree!  So I bought the trays and the eyeballs.  I made number cards to 20.  And a recoridng sheet.  The ‘staches will choose a number card and build that number with their eyeballs and trays.  Then they write the number and make the ten frame on their paper.  BAM!  What 5 year old won’t love math with eyeballs?!
And it can be differentiated…just one cards 1-10 and one tray!  BAM!
And it could be an assessment.  Just collect the recording sheets.  BAM!
AND they eyeball number cards can be a number order center!  BAM!  
Then I went to Target (DANGER MR. GREG!  DANGER Mr. GREG!  PUT DOWN THE MASTERCARD!)  and found these cute eyeball buckets and eye erasers.  The buckets are $1 and the erasers were $3.  Well, I bought the purple skeleton ice cube trays at Dollar Tree too…so why not use eyeball erasers and skeleton trays?!
This center uses a spinner (but I also made skeleton cards for 1-20!  I know right?!)  The ‘staches spin the spinner and build the number using their eyeball erasers.  They record their number and make the ten frame on the recording sheet.
And it can be differentiated…just one cards 1-10 and one tray!  BAM!
And it could be an assessment.  Just collect the recording sheets.  BAM!

Here is your freebie!  It includes eyeball number cards 1-20, skeleton number cards 1-20, eyeball spinner,  and 2 recording sheets.  Even if you didn’t buy the stuff I used, you can totally use the freebies to make some fun math centers and activities!  BAM!
Now, where’s my candy?!
click to download your freebies!
Check out my newest creation!
It’s all black line so it’s totally ink friendly!  (I run mine on the school copier!) BAM!
And it has some seriously cute activities.  The witch boots rhyming game…OMG!  NUFF SAID!
And if you’re in the market for 430 pages of Halloween math and literacy centers, ten frame cards, measurement and more….check out my Halloween bundle!  6 creations at a 25% discount!

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