A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: October 13th, 2014

Well, fall break is over.  It’s back to work for me.  BUT the week starts off with a BANG!  The one and only…the amazing…the brilliant…Jen Jones from Hello Literacy is presenting at my school tomorrow.  AND we’re having dinner.  AND she’s staying the night at my house.  AND she’s gonna ride in Smorgie1!  AND I am so excited I probably won’t sleep tonight.  AND JEN JONES IS COMING!  JEN JONES IS COMING!
If you’ve never checked out her amazing resources, do it now!  
And now onto our regularly scheduled post.
As always, here are my lesson plans for the week.  I am excited becuase these are the first set of plans created using Pages on my Mac.  I am moving away from Microsoft Office.  Slowly but surely.  Can I just say it’s an adjustment, but not using Office means I don’t see the rainbow spinny wheel and that makes Mr. Greg a happy boy!

This week is all about bats!  So here are some bat ideas we will be using this week!
Cats vs. bats spin and graph!
Bats KWL!

 Batty AT words!

Cylinder bats!   Always a favorite!  Simply roll black paper into a cylinder and staple.  Cut out wings.  Staple on.  Add googly eyes and fangs.  Purple and black streamer on the bottom!  BAM!

Do you like bats?

Handprint bats!

Parts of a bat!

Paper plate bats!
For math, it’s all about comparing numbers!  I whipped up this little gem to help us with greater than less than!
We will be comparing students…real objects…dice…and more!  
And here are some freebies for you!
Click to download!

Many of our resources this week come from these creations:
430 pages!  All 6 of my Halloween creations in one bundle!

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