Monster Mash ABC FREEBIE!

We returned back to school after our week long (go ahead…throw things…hehe) fall break.  Can I just say how excited I was to get back to see my ‘staches?!   Seriously they’ve all grown a few inches and were seriously smarter!  LOVE THEM!
So I have one sweet ‘stache, who we will call “Little” (he looks like Chicken Little….seriously too cute for words!).  He is struggling to learn letters.  So I wanted something fun and engaging to help him work on his letters!    But what??!?!  Well, I found these bags at Target….and an idea was born!

Say hello to my little friend:  Monster Mash Letter Recognition!
Print the cards and recording sheet.
Place the cards in the monster bag (or any fun Halloween container).
Student chooses a card, names the letter.  Finds the letter.  Names the letter again.  Color.  
Even better??  Use Scentos smelly markers!

Here’s your freebie!
Click to get your freebie from my TPT store! 

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