Comparing Numbers

So what’s been going on in our classroom?  Just a little comparing numbers!!   We work on comparing numbers daily during our interactive calendar time so we have a good grasp on greater than and less than.  So we focus on adding in the correct symbols and reading the statements.

Comparing Numbers:  Anchor Chart

We created this anchor chart to help us remember all about greater gator.  We know that greater gator always eats the number that is BIGGER!   I mean, when you’re hungry, you wanna eat, right?!?!   I mean…more cookies!!!

Comparing Numbers:  Whole Group

To introduce comparing numbers, we talked about how the greater gator eats the bigger number.  We then took turns “eating” the bigger number using our Smart Board!  Epic hit!!!

A great hands on lesson for comparing numbers is to use real objects from the classroom.  We place the objects in boxes and use our greater than/less than cards to compare the amounts.

For a whole group lesson, we did this fun game using giant Uno cards to write and compare numbers.  The students took turns being the dealer.  They dealt two cards and the class wrote the numbers and symbols and read the statements.
comparing numbers greater than less than
Check out this video of this lesson in action!
Grab your giant Uno cards here:
To make this skill a little higher order thinking, we did this true/false sort.  We did a whole group sort where we had to decide if the statement was true or false.  After we decided true or false, we had to use our word “BECAUSE” to explain why it was true/false.

Comparing Numbers:  Small Group

For students who need some extra practice with comparing numbers, we pull small groups and work with them on this skill!

Another fun small group lesson is grabbing cubes and placing them on these fun mats.  Then we write the numbers and symbols!
Another great small group lesson is using our blackline playing cards to compare numbers!
For all of these resources, check out our Math It Up:  Comparing Numbers!

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