A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: November 10th, 2014

Hello people!!!  Guess who is actually getting to be in his classroom for a full week this week?!?!  ME!!!!  I am uber excited about this!!!   And because I of this, I have some big plans for this week!!!!!  
As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the picture!!
Are ya ready for some pilgrim goodies and ideas?!  Let’s get this Schedulin’ Sunday rolling!
Here are the books we will be reading this week:
(Click any picture to see the book on Amazon!)
This week we will be reading about Pilgrims and Veteran’s!  Each day we will read a pilgrim book and add information to our Pilgrims Did/Had/Wanted chart.  On Friday, we will do a double bubble map to compare pilgrim children to ourselves!  

On Tuesday we will read Hero Dad and discuss what a Veteran is.  We will make a circle map about Veteran’s and write a thank you note to Veteran’s!  We will make a HERO HAT and make a soldier!

The painting is done with marbles and red, white and blue paint!  You put your paper in a box lid (I use the lid from copy paper boxes).  Put paint in the four corners (1 color per corner).  Put some marbles in the lid and students GENTLY roll the marble around spreading the paint!
Click below to get your FREE Hero HAT project!
This week in math we are working on subtraction!  We introduced the concept last week so this week we will be doing more hands on work with the idea of taking away.  (People, MINDS WERE BLOWN!  Seriously….so this week we will just practice practice practice!  And Mr. Greg promises not to pull his hair out…)
Monday we will review whole group.  We will discuss what subtraction means and we will GET OFF THE BOAT to practice!
I use tape to make a boat on the floor.  I will project a subtraction equation on the Promothean board.   For example:  5-3.  I will pick 5 students to get on the boat.  Then we will discuss how many students need to get off the boat (take away).  That number gets off the boat (they usually fall off….) and we have our answer!
Tuesday and Wednesday will be small group work with subtraction.  We will be FEEDING THE MONSTER!
Each student has a monster work mat.  I show an equation.  They put that number of manipulatives in the box.  Then the monster “eats” some of the manipulatives (take away) and we have an answer!
Thursday we will switch gears for a little Gobbling Up Measurement!

Our Foodie Fun Friday this week is graphing our favorite pie!
We taste peanut butter pie (homemade by THE MISTER!), apple pie and cherry pie.  Then we vote for our favorite!  

Click the picture to get your pie graphing freebie!
Of course, we will be doing some fun art projects as we learn about pilgrims.  You have to have art to learn.  It’s a must.  A requirement.  A necessity.  
Handprint Mayflower.  Students paint the water (add glitter to the paint for dramatic effect.  And cuz everything needs glitter.).  Paint student’s hands brown.  Paint the Mayflower.  Add red and white triangles for sails.

Paper plate pilgrims!  
Cut the outer edge of the plate off.  Paint the inner circle peach.
Use the outer circle you removed for the girls hat.  Use a second plate to make her hat and collar.  
Use the outer part you removed for the boys collar.  Use construction paper to make his hat.
How about a poem and emergent reader for Pilgrim week?

And that is our Pilgrim week!
Many of the resources for this week can be found in the following creations:

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