Subtraction! Get Off My Boat – SmorgieVision

It’s time for another super fun classroom video from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!
Who doesn’t love a peek into the insanity that is my class!?   
This video shows a fun whole group subtraction lesson that is kinesthetic with some technology built in.  You can see that the ‘staches are engaged (for the most part….ignore the one who crawls away and gets trash off the floor…hehe) and having fun!
The lesson is called “Get Off My Boat!”  I made a simple boat using tape on the floor.  We read subtraction equations and use the boat to help us solve the equations!
After the whole group lesson, you see me working with my guided math groups on subtraction.  In this lesson, we are feeding the monster M&Ms to practice taking away!
You can watch the video below or on my YouTube Channel!
Here is a free Subtraction Sally anchor chat for you!
Click for your freebie!

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