A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Greetings from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!  I’m sitting on the couch…in my sweats…with my massive big bed head…the CEO, Butters, is snoozing beside me.  The mister is working on receipts from my massive spending sprees for my classroom.  Life is good people.  Life is good!
So this is the Thanksgiving edition of Schedulin Sunday!    This week is all about Thanksgiving and Turkeys!  And by this week I mean three days….because I am out Monday and Tuesday because I am a FEATURED presenter at the Tennessee Kindergarten conference!   Anyone coming????  I am doing 8 glitteriffic sessions over two days!  I AM SO EXCITED!
So…here are some super fun Thanksgiving ideas and activities!  Ready?  Set?   GOBBLE!
The Thanksgiving place mats are always so much fun!  And it’s messy so you know I love it!  Messy=successful!
Students glue a plate, fork, spoon and napkin on their paper.  Then they use the sale paper from Publix and Kroger to plan their own Thanksgiving feast!   We have so much fun talking about our feasts and sharing why we chose our foods!  

Paper Plate Turkeys!
Paper plate turkeys!   Here’s how we do it:
Paint 2 large paper plates brown.
Paint 1 plate orange.  Cut in half.
Teacher hot glues the 2 brown plates onto a popsicle stick for the neck.
Cut the orange plate in half.  Staple on for wings
Cut 2 strips of orange and fold for legs. 
Cut out eyes and a beak.
Hang up.
Admire the adorableness.  

We will read the Thankful Book by Todd Parr and discuss all of the things we are thankful for.  We will write our own thankful book!
While we are celerbating what we are thankful for, we will celebrate the words we are thankful we can read.  This is another one of those lessons that kind of takes on a life of it’s own.  
I assess each child on the sight words they can read.  They get those feathers and color them.  Then we make a turkey with the words we can read.  
I love that this lesson teachers us to be thankful for OUR WORDS!   These are the words that we can read and that help us be better readers.  This is what we’re thankful for!
We make these adorable turkeys that are free from Mrs. Miner’s Monkey Business! 
We write about how to cook a turkey!  People, never let a 5 year old cook your turkey.  That is all!
Of course, we make a turkey hat.   You can’t celebrate in our classroom without a silly hat.  That is all.
These are from my friend Tiffany at Time 4 Kindergarten!
We measure Thanksgiving!

We make a fun Thanksgiving snack.  Squanto taught the Native Americans to bury fish in the ground for a bountiful harvest.  So we plant fish in pudding to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for!
Oreos, Swedish fish and pudding!

And finally, we work together as a family to cook stone soup!
We read Stone Soup and talk about how working together creates beautiful things!   We talk about all the things we’ve done together and all of what we’ve created and learned!
Each ‘stache brings in a can of vegetables.  I add chicken broth, salt, pepper, and a stone.  Our soup cooks all day and smells so good!  At the end of the day, we celebrate our thankfulness with soup.  I always make sure that a deserving child gets that stone so we can celebrate that child!  
Here are some great Thanksgiving books that we read!
This week we are also working on 2D and 3D shapes!

The shape people are from Vicki Plant!  You can get them here!

These activities and more are available in my shapes mini pack creation!
And in case you need some Thanksgiving resrouces:

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