Schedules And Playlists 2014-2015 School Year

Happy Hump Day!  It was such a great day being back in the land of the mustaches with my ‘staches after two days at the TN K conference!

This is what we celebrated today:

This little guy came to me with nothing.  Nothing.  This is growth over the last 4 weeks!!!!!  I was so excited when we finished his testing….but he was even more excited!  He was so proud of himself!!!!!!!   I know teaching gets hard….the mandates…initiatives…paperwork….and all of the politics that keep us from teaching….but this is why we do what we do.  It’s all about those little ones who come to us with a burning desire to learn.    Remember, we work for our students.   
I have 13 CEOs.  I work for them.  That is all.
I’ll say it again:  CLOSE THE DOOR AND TEACH ON!
At the conference, I got asked two questions over and over again!  
What is your daily schedule?
And can you please share your playlist?  (I had music playing as people came into the sessions!)  
So here are the answers to both of those questions:

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