Light Box Addition

Today I want to share a simple and fun way to differentiate addition practice for your light box or light table!  WHAT?!  You don’t have this amazing little tool in your classroom?!  WELL, you need one.  And guess what?!  You can make it your self!  Keep reading to see who we made light box addition for our classroom!

Just click on this picture to see my post about how I made a light box for my classroom for about $30.
So, over the summer, I admit that I hoarded these colorful plastic shot glasses from the Dollar Tree.  I mean, really, hoarded.  I have several hundred of these in my office.  No really.  It was so bad that the people at the Dollar Tree wanted to come to my parties this summer.  But, um….there were no parties…the cups are for kindergarten.  I know, right?!
Here’s the Mr. Greg tip of the day:  In the spring and summer, go to the Dollar Tree and buy every package of these cups that you can find.  Trust me on this one.
AND if you really want some, you can get them on dollartree.com!!   I know, a dollar tree website…seriously dangerous!  These are clear cups, but they will work just fine!
Grab some plastic shot glasses.  Next you need some clear address labels.  I used Avery 15660.  I get them from Amazon for about $8 or $10 for 300 labels.
Then, you print your addition equations and answers on the labels.
Click here to download the PDF for the labels.  I already did the hard part for ya!
 Click the link to get your labels!!!

Light Box Addition Labels

Finally, put the labels on the cups!
I differentiated by cups using colors.  Green and blue is for 0-5 and orange and pink are for 5-10.
I put the all of the equations on one color (blue) and the answers on the other color (green).  Same for orange and pink.
light box addition
light box addition
lightbox addition

Light Box Addition Recording Sheet Freebie!

I even made a recording sheet for this center!  To differentiate the recording sheets, I print on colored paper to match my math groups.  BAM!  Differentiation made easy!!!  Light Box addition is ready to go!

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