Gingerbread Man In The Oven

Happy Friday ya’ll!  
Here is the highlight of our Friday:
“We do not use ink pens to pick boogers from our nose.”  (Throw that pen away, puhlease!)
And….my favorite ….
“Just because Mr. Greg is wearing gingerbread socks, please don’t bite my leg!”
You can’t make this stuff up.   And seriously, is there a better job out there?!
 Now, I want to share our super cute gingerbread man art project from today.
Seriously….these are just too cute.
We made an oven and put our gingebread man in the oven!  
It was super easy and the ‘staches loved it!
Step 1:  color or make a gingerbread man
Step 2:  make an oven.  I just drew an oven-like (oven-esque) shape…we cut out the oven and cut out the middle piece.
Step 3:  Glue the oven to a piece of wax paper.    Add a handle and draw the knobs.  The knobs that “make the heat you want!”  Seriously…love these kids!
Trim off any excess wax paper.  Glue the oven onto a piece of construction paper, leaving the top open.
Slide your gingerbread man into the oven!  

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