Gingerbread Writing Project

Today I want to share our gingerbread writing project that we use with our Read It UP! Gingerbread Man creation!   See…what had happened was…I like to do a lot of art projects in my class.  And since we have to be “academic” we do art and writing!  Writing=academic.  BRILLIANT, right?!?!?!  Makes me wish I had some glitter to throw!  Read on to see all the details of our gingerbread man writing lesson!
gingerbread man
THis is always such a fun writing activity in our class!  It took us about 45 minutes total.  Fun?  Yep.  Simple?  UHHUH.  Academic?  Check.   Quick?   Done.
It’s perfect.
Here’s what we did…

Gingerbread Writing

After reading different versions of gingerbread stories, we brainstormed all of the things we would run away from if we were the gingerbread man or gingerbread girl. Getting the kids to share out ideas verbally and having them on a graphic organizer and can take away some of the stress and fear our students might face with writing.  It’s a scaffold that supports them in their writing.  We then use these ideas for our gingerbread writing!
gingerbread writing
We listed all of our ideas on our gingerbread man.
Then we wrote our sentence:   Gingerbread (insert student name) ran away from ________.
This is good stuff.
Then we used our gingerbread writing to as a body for our gingerbread person!
gingerbread writing
How much fun, right?!?!?!  I know!!!
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gingerbread writing
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gingerbread writing

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