A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin Sunday!!!!    It’s week 2 of gingerbread man madness in our classroom.  This week we’re reading more un-traditional gingerbread man stories!!!   I am super excited about the week ahead so let’s get started!!!
As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans here:
These are the stories we will be reading:
My ‘staches are beyond excited about the pickle book!!!!  
As we read each story, we will create a story comparison chart similiar to the chart we made last week!
We compare the characters, setting and plot of each story.  This leads to great book chat as the week progresses.  It also leads to great connections being made as we read!
In math, we’re going to re-visit subtraction and work on strengthening that very challenging skill!
We will be doing some fun, hands on activities to practice subtraction. 
This is a super fun gingerbread man subtraction activity.  Each ‘stache chooses some “gingerbread cookies” for their cookie sheet.  They glue them on and fill out their story problem (we work on this whole group!)  Then we mark out the cookies we “ate” and finish our story problem!!!

Another favorite subtraction activity is one I call:  “I’m lovin’ it!”
We make a french fry box from a certain restaurant  (just a red square with an M written on the box).  Then each ‘stache makes 5-10 french fries from yellow paper (just rectangles!)  and we place them in the fry box.
Then we write how many we have in our box.  Then we decide how many we will eat.  We remove those from our box and finish out equation!
Here is a super fun center freebie I created for subtracting french fries!
Here is another great subtraction freebie.  This is great for small group work!  And who doesn’t love some stickers!?!
I found some super cute gingerbread man art projects on Pinterest!  I can’t wait to make them with the ‘staches this week!
This little guy was on Pinterest but he didn’t have a link!  

These cowboys came from Mrs. Wood’s Kindergarten Class!
We will also be learning about area and perimeter with our gingerbread men!
We use peppermints and hershey Kisses to measure area (cover the whole thing up!) and perimiter (around the outside!)!

Many of our activities this week come from these creations:
And anyone in Georgia???  Are you coming to the Georgia Kindergarten Conference on December 11 and 12???  
I’ll BE THERE!!!  We will have a booth in the vendor area!  Come by and see us!  Grab some freebies.  And we will have conference only specials on exclusive bundles of my creations!  And you can meet the mister!!!

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